Audiobook review of Hush Money

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Audiobook review of Hush Money

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Hush Money Length: 8 hours and 23 minutes
Genres: Mystery
Published by Alibi Pages: 297
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Xe Sands
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The author of The Fixer (“A must-read for those who enjoy crime fiction.”—Kirkus Reviews) unleashes a twisted tale of politics, passion, and murder in the nicest big city in America: Madison, Wisconsin.
The mayor is smart, funny, and loved by all. Except for the person who leaves him in a pool of his own blood. . . .
Madison is booming with dreamers and drifters, visionaries and entrepreneurs. Among them is Sydney Richardson, the daughter of a cop who died on these streets and now the proud, stressed-out owner of Hush Money, one of the city’s top new restaurants. Like everyone else in town, Sydney is shocked when Madison’s popular mayor—a crusty, charismatic man of the people—is shot to death in his own home. But the news hits especially close to home for Sydney because one of her own stands accused of the brutal crime.
Sydney’s the one person that Wanda Fields, a quiet, hardworking waitress and single mother, can think to call after her arrest. Now she might be Wanda’s only hope. As Sydney gets wrapped up in the case, she runs up against powerful people with secrets to hide—and a mayor who wasn’t the person everyone thought he was. After Wanda divulges a bombshell of her own, Sydney’s sure the real killer is still out there, hiding among Madison’s elite, perhaps even dining in her beloved restaurant . . . with more than enough motive to kill again.


Here is what I thought

I enjoyed T.E. Woods first series so I knew I wanted to try Hush Money and it was just as good as the first series so I am so glad.

Sydney is the daughter of a policeman was killed while on duty. She is now the proud owner of two very different restaurants and stressed. One is a low key joint that caters to cops as those were her dads people and she knows a lot of them and wanted a place they could come and hangout. The other is her news venture and it’s called Hush Money. It’s a very high end kind of place with a fancy chef who really thinks a lot of himself and an you need reservations though on opening night it was first come first served and she was getting nervous nobody would show up but they did.

One of her employees doesn’t show up on opening day and she can’t get ahold of her, but someone who does show up is the mayor’s wife. It just so happens that the mayor is found dead that very evening and it’s Sydney’s employee Wendy who is being held responsible. Sydney doesn’t know Wendy that well but she just doesn’t see her as a killer as she has a little girl, so she does the unpopular thing and hires an attorney that she knows. Sydney has the money to do it because she came into some money as her birth mother has given her what is rightfully hers. (You will have to read to find out what is going on with that.)

The story was a little confusing at first because it starts off with Wendy waking up from getting bumped on the head and she doesn’t remember much, the mayor is dead and she is bloody. She keeps having these memory problems which isn’t helping her defense. Then it goes back to Sydney and is called (NOW), then flashes back to some key players and lets you get a glimpse of how crooked the Mayor of Madison was so it’s now surprise someone killed him.

It’s a really good mystery and there was a lot of different suspects and I was kind of surprised though I had started wondering about the person who ends up the killer, so I think it will shock some people. I can’t wait to get into the next one called Bad Girl!

The Narrator

Though I have heard about her this was my first time getting to listen to Xe Sands and I really enjoyed her narration!

Audio rating: 4

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