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Audiobook review of Fast MoneyFast Money by Colleen Helme
Genres: Amateur Sleuth, Mystery
Published by Author Pages: 277
Format: Audiobook
Source: Bought

Narrator: Wendy Tremont King

A trip to the mall gives Shelby the shock of her life when she finds an extra five million dollars in the bank account Uncle Joey set up for her. She thought he was out of her life for good, but with this fast money, she’s not so sure. Now she must decide if she will tell her husband the truth that she can still read people’s minds. Including his. How will he feel when he finds out she lied to him?

When the Mexican Police tell her that Uncle Joey’s been kidnapped and look to her for the ransom, she knows she’s in big trouble. As if that isn’t enough the police detective she worked with needs her help to solve a case, and she unwittingly becomes a witness to murder. In her fight to stay alive, she finds that everyone wants a piece of the money, and just how far they will go to get it, can be a matter of life and death. She just hopes it’s not hers.

Also by this author: Devious Minds, Hidden Deception, Angel Falls (Sand and Shadows #1)

I loved Carrot so I couldn’t wait to get in to Fast Money and it was just as fun and the first book!

What I thought of this book.

Shelby thought things might quiet down now that Uncle Joey thinks she can’t read minds any more, but when she went to dip into her account Uncle Joey had set up for her, she finds quite the surprise. A 5 million dollar surprise! She knows that Uncle Joey must have stashed it with her but she is not sure why, and right from the start it causes problems.

Not only that but she had to tell her husband that she could still read minds but he takes it a bit better than she thought he would and knows it has come in handy a few times. Now she has to tell him about 5 million dollars and how it’s Uncle Joeys. Uncle Joey also tells her not to tell anyone cause it’s not safe and all of a sudden she has Mexican baddies, CIA, FBI and sort wanting to know things. She has to rely on her mind reading to get her out of trouble once more!

Fast Money was another fun listen in the Shelby Nichols Adventure series! I love Shelby she is so funny and always getting herself into trouble with her mind reading  cause she some times answers what people are thinking. Her mind reading abilities help her stay alive but she probably wouldn’t have such problems if she was normal! She is starting to get use to the fact that her life might never be normal and opens her own consulting business.

The side characters in the books are great too and I really like Ramos. Ramos is Uncle Joey’s bodyguard and he has taken a liking to Shelby. He is also pretty sure she can read his mind but not for sure, but he know she has to be able to do something special to have Uncle Joey always wanting her around.

Dimples aka Detective Harris is a lot of fun and very impressed with her premonitions and helps her get a job consulting for the police.

If you are looking for something fun, light fun and full of a bit of mystery then you should give The Shelby Nichols series a try. I have already finished book 3 and can’t wait to get into book 4 as I am sort of binging Shelby Nichols right at the It’s so easy to finish one and want to grab the next one.  I recommend them for those who are into cozy mysteries or just wants a light mystery with lots of fun.

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The Narrator:

I will admit I wasn’t sure if I liked Wendy Tremont King as a narrator during the first book by buy the end I really started to like her and now she is Shelby. She does a pretty decent job on male characters and works well at 1.5x speed. 🙂

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  1. I just loved this one. I swear they just get better and better. I’m listening to the last one right now and it’s soo good. Very hummed that it’s the last one for a while though 🙁

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