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Drained by E.H. Reinhard
Length: 7 hours

A known serial killer is once again taking lives in Chicago. Bodies drained of blood are being strewn across the city.
For former Tampa homicide sergeant, Hank Rawlings, tracking down the man responsible for the killings becomes his first assignment at his new position, agent in the FBI's homicide division of the serial crimes unit.
Almost before the ink dries on the new job’s acceptance papers, Hank finds himself in Chicago, knee-deep in an investigation with a mounting body count.
While every lead brings him and his partner closer to the killer, the one that puts them directly in front of him threatens them most.

Also by this author: Consumed, Committed


What I thought of this book.

Hawk Rawlings just landed a new job with FBI’s serial crimes unit and he doesn’t have any time to get his barrings before he is handed a case alone with a pretty female partner. Which is wife seems to mention often when he has to leave for Chicago with his partner, but his wife doesn’t really seem to mind.

Bodies start piling up as they figure out that the thing they all have in common is a dating website, but finding out who the killer might be is a lot harder.

Though the reader knows the name of the killer while reading, it was a bit surprising to find out who he was which was interesting.

I liked Hawk and I like that he is married and seems to have a great relationship with is wife, she hates that he has to leave on cases but is understanding and they call each other a lot. His partner, whose name escapes me (only bad thing about audios can’t look it up), is nice and gets herself in a bit of trouble.

My only problem with this was with something that happened towards the ends with his partner and the killer, etc. Can’t really say without feeling like I am giving away something but it just didn’t flow right.

This was my first book by this author but won’t be the last, I am looking forward to listening to the next book in this series.

The Narrator:

My first time listening to Todd McLaren and it was enjoyable but not fantastic. I am sure the more I listen the more I will like him, I just have to get used to him. He does have a good voice for crime novels.

Audio rating 3.5

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