Audiobook review of Devious Minds

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Audiobook review of Devious Minds

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Devious Minds by Colleen Helme
Length: 9 hours and 6 minutes
Published by Author on January 29th 2016
Pages: 244
Format: Audiobook
Source: Author

Narrator: Wendy Tremont King
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It’s been almost a year since a near-fatal gunshot wound left Shelby Nichols with the ability to read minds. In that time she’s faced one problem after another. She’s been shot at, framed for murder, and targeted by a serial killer, just to name a few. Now she’s trying to help her lawyer husband win a murder trial that will enable him to become a partner in his law firm. Sounds easy, right? But nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to Shelby Nichols.
When special agent, Blake Beauchaine, shows up to collect a debt from Shelby, things get even more complicated, and Shelby is soon on her way to Paris. A routine meeting with a rogue agent reveals a sinister plot, putting Shelby into the cross-hairs of a known terrorist. Even worse, she doesn’t speak French, so it seems her mind-reading abilities won’t help her this time.
Things go from bad to downright dangerous for Shelby, especially since her usual guardians, Uncle Joey, and his hit-man, Ramos, are back in the states. Lost and on her own in the streets of Paris, can Shelby escape the cold-blooded killer in time to stop his devious plans, or will this be the end of the line for Shelby Nichols?

Also by this author: Hidden Deception, Angel Falls (Sand and Shadows #1)


What I thought of this book.

I love this author!!! I love Shelby Nichols!!!! Never loved a character more than Shelby!

I was so excited when I seen there was a new Shelby Nichols book coming out and even more excited when the author asked me if I wanted to review the audiobook!

It’s Shelby in Paris, and if you have read this series then you know it’s going to be so much fun and she is going to get herself in so much trouble! 🙂

In the last book Shelby had to make a deal with Blake an FBI agent to help Uncle Joey and that means that if Blake needed her help using her premonitions then she had to do it. She thought Uncle Joey took care of that and hadn’t gave him much thought.

Then right in the middle of her husband Chris’s big trial where he needed her help, Blake came and said he needed her and that they had to go to Paris. Chris wasn’t happy about this as he didn’t know about Blake, but when Blake helps him with his case so that he could take Shelby there wasn’t much he could do.

Shelby tries getting out of it by telling Uncle Joey, but it didn’t work. Though Uncle Joey did send Ramos to help her out and be her bodyguard so Shelby was relieved about that. There is only one problem with Shelby in Paris, she doesn’t speak French! Good thing some of them think in English over there as well as speak it but it will make it harder to use her “premonitions”.

Not long before Shelby and Blake get there they are attacked and Shelby ends up in Paris alone and scared. So when she finds out Ramos is there she is excited and he is on his way to get her, but before he can she is grabbed. Though she gets away with the help of Ramos, that is the start of all the trouble Shelby gets into.

Their is a terrorist who is threatening Paris with a bomb and only Shelby and her premonitions can help stop it! Paris is in the hands of Shelby Nichols…lol. I don’t want to get to much away but if you haven’t tried this series you sure are missing out!

I still get a bit uncomfortable with the Shelby/Ramos thing because I know that Shelby is happily married, but there is always this thing between them that I am afraid she might cross the line with some day, but it’s not bad enough that I can’t enjoy the story. 🙂 It just makes me worried….lol.

I love Shelby, she gets herself into trouble but she is getting better at getting herself out of trouble. Chris has come to accept her talent as it is helpful to him as a lawyer and she is learning to put up her shields more around him so she can’t hear what he thinks all the time. Ramos is as hot and fun loving as always. We didn’t get a lot of Uncle Joey in this one but that was okay.

I can’t wait to see what trouble she gets into next time! Read this series!!! Listen to this series! Either way you should try it. 🙂

The Narrator:

Wendy Treemont King is a favorite narrator of mine and she totally rocks as Shelby! She does a pretty good job with the French accent and the author said she had to work really hard on it so kudos to Wendy for practicing till she got it down and wanting to do a good job. 🙂

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