Audiobook review of Death of an English Muffin

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Audiobook review of Death of an English Muffin

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Death of an English Muffin (Merry Muffin Mystery, #3) by Victoria Hamilton
Length: 11 hours
Published by Berkley Pages: 304
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Margaret Strom
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From the national bestselling author of Muffin but Murder, baker Merry Wynter returns with a fresh tray of muffins and a case that has authorities stumped…
They say one’s home is one’s castle, but when it comes to Wynter Castle, Merry would like it to belong to someone else. But until a buyer bites, she could use some extra dough, so she decides to take in renters. The idea pans out, and Merry’s able to find a handful of tenants eager to live in a real castle. The only problem is most of them are crumby, tea-swilling old biddies.
The Legion of Horrible Ladies, as Merry calls them, is led by the terribly nasty—and fabulously wealthy—Cleta Sanson. The abrasive Englishwoman keeps everyone whipped into a frenzy—until she meets an embarrassing end behind a locked door. Evidence reveals that Cleta was murdered, yet no one is privy to how the deed was done. Merry knows she must quickly find the killer before another of her guests gets greased…

Also by this author: Bran New Death, Muffin But Murder, Much Ado About Muffin , A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder


What I thought of this book.

Merry is having a hard time, she is in desperate need of money to keep Wynter Castle going so that she can fix it up to sell. So when her friend Pish gives her the idea to rent out rooms and his aunt being one of them, she never expected the group she would bring with her.

Merry is now about to pull her hair out and the story starts with her stomping out into the middle of the woods to scream. One of the ladies is horrible, so horrible nobody wants to admit they were the one that told her about coming to Winter Castle.

So then it’s no surprise that this woman ends up dead and there are a group of suspects as nobody in the group of friends really liked her. Lush feels bad about bringing such horrible circumstances to Wynter Castle by bringing her friends, but she would never have thought one capable of murder.

When Merry starts digging into things even though Virgil doesn’t want her to she finds out all sorts of things about the group. It seems the dead woman was a hoarder of secrets and had something on each woman. Did someone finally crack or was it someone else at the Castle?

Death by an English Muffin was another good mystery in the Merry Muffin series. The author had me guessing and even though I thought I knew who it was I wasn’t sure until the very end.

Merry is a good character she has her flaws but that is what makes her interesting. She has been struggling since the death of her husband and never thought she could love again. There has been a bit of chemistry brooding between her and Virgil the down detective. He is a divorced man who was hurt by the divorce and has made him a bit leery of women. I was glad to see them starting to make a move towards getting together.

We finally find out what her uncle’s treasure is and it’s very sweet!

I really enjoy the side characters as well. Pish is one of my favorites along with the young girl who hates going to school. (can’t remember her name.) There are a lot of fun characters.

I enjoyed this one and if you like cozies then I think you would like this series as well.

The Narrator:

I am starting to like listening to Margaret Strom and I think she has a good voice for cozy mysteries.

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  1. This series sounds like a fun one! I have the first book in the series on my to-read list, I think I added it after you reviewed that one. And I like it when the mystery keeps me guessing. Merry sounds like good main character with how she has her flaws as well. Great review!

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