Audiobook review of Daises for Innocence

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Audiobook review of Daises for Innocence

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Daisies For Innocence by Bailey Cattrell
Published by NAL on January 5th 2016
Pages: 336
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Vanessa Daniels
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From Bailey Cattrell—who writes the New York Times bestselling Magical Bakery Mysteries as Bailey Cates—comes the first Enchanted Garden Mystery featuring custom perfume maker Elliana Allbright...
The Enchanted Garden behind Elliana Allbright’s perfume shop draws people of all ages with its fragrant flowers and lush greenery. But when the magical serenity is interrupted, it’s up to Ellie to sniff out a killer.  Ellie’s life has blossomed in Poppyville, California, since she opened Scents & Nonsense, a custom-made-perfume store. Her skills with aromas and botanical essences—some from her very own garden—seem almost…supernatural. Her perfumes can evoke emotions,  bring about change, or simply make people happy. Customers are flocking to the store to buy her wares or just to sit in her beautiful garden, sip tea and enjoy homemade cookies.   But she smells trouble when she learns that her part-time assistant Josie is dating her ex. And before she can tell the young woman to beware of his charms, she finds Josie dead in the Enchanted Garden. Now the prime suspect in Josie’s murder, Ellie must search for the real culprit in Josie’s past—because it’ll take a miracle to nip this problem in the bud....


What I thought of this book.

Elliana Allbright has a nose for scents and has opened a start called Scents and Nonsense. She has a knack for knowing exactly what smell can calm someone down. To some it could seem a bit supernatural but people love her essential oils and soaps. Things are going great.

Then she finds out that her part time help is dating her ex-husband and before she can tell Josie to be careful she ends up dead. Now she is a prime suspect in her murder since she knew about Josie and her ex, and it seems one of the detectives in friends with Harrison and seems to have it out for her.

So now she has to do what she can to find the real killer before she is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit. Thank goodness the other detective doesn’t really think she did it even though everything points to Elliana. With some help from her friends she tries to solve the crime.

This is a brand new series that just came out this year and I am so excited to find a series to start out at the beginning instead of having to work to catch up!

I like Elliana and her power of scent, she has always had this gift and does not really know why but I am sure we will learn more about it as the series progresses. She has a gardening book that her grandmother had left her and she kind of remembers parts of conversation regarding her gift and how it was passed down. She has this beautiful garden where she grows her flowers and it really makes me want to grow flowers…lol.

The mystery surrounding Josie’s death is really good there are a few decent contenders for who might have done it and why, and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to try the next one in this series.

If you enjoy cozies then I think you will enjoy this one.

The Narrator:

Vanessa Daniels does a great job with this series. I haven’t listened to her before but I have heard of her narrations.

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2 responses to “Audiobook review of Daises for Innocence

  1. This series has been on my TBR for awhile but I didn’t realize it was the same author who wrote the Magical Bakery Mysteries. Not sure why I didn’t put it together since the name is the same but I guess maybe it’s been too long since I’ve read one of those. This does sound really fun and I like the whole idea of her gift of scent. I’ll definitely be trying this one.

  2. I always find people who know scents and what blends match personality, enchance a person fascinating. It is something I always wanted to go I would love her shop

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