Audiobook review of Consumed

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Audiobook review of Consumed

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Consumed by E.H. Reinhard
Length: 7 hours
Genres: Crime
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio
Narrator: Todd McLaren

Dismembered bodies of women for hire litter the sides of the road in rural Tennessee. It has happened before, thirty years prior.
Not knowing if the murders are that of a copycat or the original killer making a reappearance, Agent Hank Rawlings, along with Agent Beth Harper, is once again dispatched to the scene.
With little help from the local authorities and limited resources at their disposal, Hank, Beth, and a local agent are tasked with pulling back the layers of deceit to circle closer to the man responsible.
If they had only known the sheer horror of what awaited them at the end of their search, they might have opted to sit this one out.

Also by this author: Committed


Here is what I thought

The second book in the Agent Rawlings series has me wondering about the mind of the author…lol.

Wow, this was a twisted case of cannibalism and the author was not afraid to add some details. This one will not be for everyone but it was so interesting and a fast listen. Agent Rawlings and his new partner Beth are sent to investigate when some women are found dead.

Prostitutes are showing up dead it mirrors some deaths from along time ago, so they have to figure out if it’s the same killer who came back or if someone is copying the earlier killer. Even though you get to know who the killer is and are surprised at who one of the guys are that helps the killer, it still has bit of a shocking ending.

I really like Agent Rawlings and Agent Harper they work well together and have already been through some interesting things together. Agent Rawlings is married and we get a little of that side of his life too, for example, they were going to be going on vacation and they had to cancel when he got his assignment. Takes a good woman to not get all upset and go with the flow of his job.

I really enjoyed this one and soon I will be listening to book three and can’t wait to see what else these two can get into.

Recommend if you like

If you like crime novels, can handle some gore as this one is not for the faint of heart and can handle cannibalism,

Author Bio

E.H. Reinhard was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s worked in sales in one form or another for the better part of eighteen years. Previous nine-to-fives include retail management, the auto industry, operating a small business, and running an assortment of viral humor websites that generated tens of millions of page views per month. Reinhard now resides in sunny Tampa, Florida. When not putting pen to paper, or keys to keyboard, writing thrillers, he is an avid fisherman. So naturally, moving to the fishing capital of the world was a good fit.

The Narrator

Todd McLaren did a great job again with this novel. I am starting to get use to his voice and really liking him.

Consumed was a bit gruesome, but I enjoyed this crime novel! #audiobook #review Click To Tweet
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    • Stormi

      No, it was a different case. Each are cases involving a serial killer as he works in the serial crimes unit. This one was the more gruesome and my favorite…lol.

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