Audiobook review of Cocaine Blues

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Audiobook review of Cocaine BluesCocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood
Length: 5 hours and 50 minutes
Genres: Mystery
Published by Poisoned Pen Press Pages: 175
Format: Audiobook
Source: Bought

Narrator: Stephanie Daniels

Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher solves theft in 1920s London High Season society, and sets her clever courage to poisoning in Melbourne Australia. She - of green eyes, diamant garters and outstanding outfits - is embroiled in abortion, death, drugs, communist cabbies - plus erotic Russian dancer Sasha de Lisse. The steamy end finds them trapped in Turkish baths.

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries is a favorite TV show I watch over and over on Netflix so I was really curious to see what the books were like. Well, they are a lot different than the show that is for sure but even at that it was still a good read.

What I thought of this book.

Phryne Fisher use to be poor until some relatives died and she became the next in line to inherit a lot of money. She is trying to find her footing and not sure what she wants to do. She catches a burglar at the beginning and it sort of prompts her into trying her hand at detecting.

She goes off to get herself seen and finds Dottie a young girl who has lost her job and only thinks that being a prostitute will be the only thing she can do as she can’t go home cause her family don’t have enough money. Phryne takes her in and makes her her maid.

While going about Melbourne trying to set herself in society she gets involved in abortion, cocaine dealers, death and a very sexy Russian dancer.

I love the roaring 20’s era and I love the fact that Phryne is more of a modern woman for that time. She is a bit outlandish and trying to find her footing now that she is rich. It’s like she has a knack for finding something to solve. In the right place at the right time I guess if your wanting to solve a crime. In Cocaine Blues she is really just getting her self established so I hope the series will get a bit better as it goes.

I hate to say it but I think I enjoy the TV show more but that might have something to do with Detective Inspector Robinson played by the adorable Nathan Page. Phryne is a little more modern and carefree in the TV Show but maybe she will get that way in the books. The Inspector in the book seem to like her interference into the crime a bit more than the TV show one does at least at first.

Over all though I found it to be interesting and a good read and I will be trying another one before deciding exactly what I think of this book series. If you like the historical era and mysteries you might like this one. It’s a short read or listen.

The Narrator:

Stephanie Daniels does a pretty good job with this series. It’s the first time I have listened to her and she has a decent voice though like a lot of females her male voices are not all that great. She does do well with the female voices.

I tried to find a sample of Cocaine Blues to upload for you but I couldn’t find one. 🙁

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