Audiobook review of Black Cat Crossing

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Audiobook review of Black Cat Crossing

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Black Cat Crossing by Kay Finch
Length: 8 hours and 3 minutes
Published by Berkley Books Pages: 304
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Amy Rubinate
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In the first in this cat-filled cozy series, aspiring mystery author Sabrina Tate is about to discover that when it comes to solving murders, her new feline friend Hitchcock is a master of sleuthing…
Sabrina has never been the superstitious type. Still, when she moves to Lavender, Texas, to write her first novel and help her Aunt Rowe manage her vacation rental business, Sabrina can’t avoid listening to the rumors that a local black cat is a jinx—especially after the stray in question leads her directly to the scene of a murder.
The deceased turns out to be none other than her Aunt Rowe’s awful cousin Bobby Joe Flowers, a known cheat and womanizer who had no shortage of enemies. The only problem is that Aunt Rowe and Bobby Joe had quarreled just before the cousin turned up dead, leaving Rowe at the top of the long list of suspects. Now it’s up to Sabrina to clear her aunt’s name. Luckily for her, she’s got a new sidekick, Hitchcock the Bad Luck Cat, to help her sniff out clues and stalk a killer before Aunt Rowe winds up the victim of even more misfortune…


Here is what I thought

Sabrina moved back home and is trying to write her first novel, but murder has gotten in the way.

Sabrina’s aunts cousin Bobby Joe Flowers has come to town and has some claims that doesn’t sit well with Aunt Rowe and they have some harsh words and then he is found dead. Everyone seems to think it was Sabrina’s aunt because it happened on their land and she got in a fight with him. Sabrina knows she didn’t do it and can’t concentrate on her novel till she figures it out.

There is a black cat that likes to hang out around Sabrina and a lot of talk around town is that he is a bad luck cat. Thomas wants to trap him and get rid of him but Sabrina is trying to protect him. He seems to have taken to Sabrina and she lets him stay in her house and works with another to let others know that black cats are not bad luck. It seems Hitchcock is pretty good at sleuthing too.

There are a lot of suspects when it comes to Bobby Joe, he was a womanizer and a cheat. He talked about having some money and nobody could figure out where it might have come from. Sabrina pretty much just stumbles into the killer and I never figured it out.

I thought it was a decent start to a series and I enjoyed the characters. Aunt Rowe is very vocal and funny. I will be checking out the second one soon.

The Narrator

I have enjoyed Amy Rubinate before and she did a good job.

Audio rating: 4

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5 responses to “Audiobook review of Black Cat Crossing

  1. “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” ~ Groucho Marx 🙂

    Black cats get such a bad rap. I know places that quit adopting out black cats around Halloween because they are worried about sacrifices. I’m glad that Sabrina isn’t one of those crazy people who be the superstitions.

  2. LOL I remember that Groucho quote. My sister always had black cats. When she moved to live with me they became my couch companions:) This sounds like a fun one. And its got a writer in it!

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