2nd Quarter Anticipated Reads (2021)

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I don’t know if April, May and June are just not high months for me  or I am getting more and more picky with what I am anticipating, but I only found 18 which sounds like a lot but it’s not if you consider all the books coming out…lol. There were books I though sounded interesting but I tried to really make sure it’s something I really wanted. So I didn’t have enough to make two post so put all the books together from Adult to Middle Grade. 🙂 (Using my old button cause I didn’t want to make one…lol. SO even though it just says YA/Adults there are Middle Grade too!)


April 6th

A pet detective on the hunt for a prominent pooch is found dead, and inn owner Holly has to sort through her guest list of suspects.

I really like this series and this is the seventh book in the Paws and Claws series and I can’t wait to get to it! I don’t keep current with a lot of cozies as there are so many but this is one I kept up with so I will be grabbing this one! Publisher is Berkley (which seems to be my publisher of choice this quarter with 5 of my choices coming from them!)

A treasure hunt through Edinburgh gives way to a search for a villain terrorizing the city,

Another series I am current with and really enjoy! I normally listen to this one on audio so might wait for the audiobook, but either way I love the Scottish setting! This is the sixth book in the Scottish Bookshop series. Publisher is Minotaur books.

A clever retelling of Pride and Prejudice that reimagines the setting, characters and romance into a whodunit. Elizabeth is an aspiring lawyer in this YA version from Harperteen. It will be the first in a series called Jane Austen Murder Mystery.

I love a good whodunit and this sounds like a very fun retelling!! Not real sure about the cover but oh well. Publisher is Harperteen.

April 13th

It’s about a mysterious club with an obsession for horror. A new girl gets caught up in a prank gone awry, it gets the attention of the Mary Shelley Club, a secret club that tries to come up with the scariest pranks and I am going to guess that things get a bit out of hand.

Sounds very interesting so I am hopeful! Published by Henry Holt and Co.

April 20th

Middle Grade fantasy about a boy trying to find his mother and a crew of spice pirates help him on this dangerous mission. The journey takes them through treacherous lands while facing shapeshifting bears, an ancient witch, harpies, and a nightmarish Djinn who wants to enslave the world.

This sounds like a super fun and action packed middle grade so fingers crossed! It’s from Crumblebee books and the first in a new series.

April 27th

A quirky novel that is equal parts murder and rom-com with some meddling aunts!

This sounds like it could be super cute and funny! I love stories with meddling aunts…lol. Publisher is Berkley!

April 30th

Maddie is managing her paranormal museum and helping her best friend Adele plan her wedding and trying to prove that Adele’s vintage wedding dress is not haunted. When a bridesmaid ends up murdered sleuthing ensues.

I have really enjoyed this series but sort of thought she quit writing any more after the fourth one but I am excited to see this new one for the Perfectly Proper Paranormal mystery series! I don’t see a publisher so she might be self publishing it.


May 4th

New culinary cozy series full of sharp humor and delectable dishes- one that might just be a killer.

I am a sucker for a cozy and this sounds really fun and it’s the first in a new series Tita Rosie’s Kitchen mystery series from Berkley  publishing.  Like I need to start another cozy series…lol.

Rom-com about a hopeless romantic teen attempts to secure a happily-ever-after moment with her forever crush, but finds herself reluctantly drawn to the boy next door.

I don’t get many actual ARCs but I have this one and so I can’t wait to give it a try. I am always a bit hit or miss with YA contemporary romance types but this just sounds fun!  It’s from Simon and Schuster.

Six months after being recruits to the Mouse Watch brave Bernie and shy rat Jarvis are officially Level One Agents. They already have their first successful mission behind them but it’s back to basic training, though that might get interrupted when a mysterious radio message reveals that a long loss spy vessel may still be hidden under the sea!

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I am so excited to being back to hanging with Bernie and Jarvis! Can’t wait to see what sort of shenanigan’s they get up too! This one is from Disney.

Fun-filled, action packed middle grade about a boy who learns about protecting the environment, finding real friends, and living in the now while spending the summer on a remote island.

I only hope it’s not to preachy about environmental, go green stuff, but it sounds good so wanted to give it a try. This one is from MacMillan.

Debut about an adopted Korean-American girl who discovers her heritage and her magic on a perilous journey to save her witch clan family.

I am always curious about the Rick Riordan Present picks and this sound really cool!

May 11th

Just hours after the harrowing events of The Goodbye Man Colter Shaw is hot on the trail of a missing person whose disappearance he desperately hopes to explain: his own father.

I have loved the first two books and I really hope that FINAL in the title doesn’t mean this was just a trilogy because I really like it! Colter Shaw is a man who finds the missing and it has had a bit of a overreaching story arc about his father so hope he finds the answers but that it’s not the end…lol. This one is from Putman.

May 25th

Salem’s WICH-TV program director Lee Barrett is about to discover no good deed goes unpunished.

Another cozy series I really liked though I am 3 behind on this one but if you like a cozy with just a smidgen of paranormal in it then you would enjoy this one.


June 1st

Start of a new historical mystery series a set in 1920’s Harlem featuring Louisa Lloyd, a young black woman caught up in a series of murders way to close to home.

I love historical mysteries and the 1920s so I am really curious about this one.  Another one from Berkley.

The first daughter is for the throne, the second daughter is for the wolf. As the only second daughter born in centuries, Red has one purpose, to be sacrificed to the wolf in the woods in hope he’ll return the world’s captured gods.

I am on the fence about this one but it does sound cool and I am hoping for a cool retelling of Red Riding Hood as I haven’t found one yet! This one is from Orbit Books.

After solving the Truly Devious case, Stevie Bell investigates her first mystery outside Ellingham Academy.

So I thought this was a trilogy but it seems we are getting sort of a spin off 4th book in the Truly Devious series and I am here for that! I have enjoyed this series for the most part (book two wasn’t that great) so I am curious to see how Stevie does outside the school grounds solving a crime. This one is from Katherine Tegan Books.

A prim and proper lady thief must save her aunt from a crazed pirate and his dangerously charming henchman.

This sounds like it could be a fun historical romance which are my favorite type of romance. Another one from Berkley! 🙂

So that is all the books I am anticipated (well that I could find) for the second quarter. Any here you are interested in?




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