2019 Anticipated reads!

January 1, 2019 Misc. 6

So there are a lot of books coming out this year that I really want to read! Instead of making this list incredible long I am just going to list about 10 or so. 🙂 Click on the book to go to Goodreads.


I am really excited to have a copy of this one to read thanks to Tammy!!! It’s one of my most anticipated reads. It’s a book set in the Buffy the Vampire Universe and about Nina who becomes the last slayer!

I really enjoyed Truly Devious so I can’t wait to get to The Vanishing Stairs and find out what is going on! I tried really hard to get an ARC of this one and failed, so I will be trying to wait patiently for my library to get it!! Sighs.

Okay so I have already read this one but I was anticipating it so I feel that it should go here and that way I can give it some more love and say read it! 🙂 I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth the hype which doesn’t happen often. It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling that had the feel of the story but was different.

This is a retelling of sorts, it’s about the Happy Days gang and they are older. Fonz has been killed and Richard Cunningham wants to find out what happened. Barb and I will be doing a buddy read of this in February and I can’t wait! I hope it’s a good one!

I am sure you have seen me talking about this one as well! I love the Veronica Speedwell series and so I can’t wait to read this one either! It comes out in March but Barb and I can’t wait that long so we are doing two buddy reads in February! 🙂 It’s the fourth book in a fun historical mystery series with great MC’s and I really wish the author would make a lot but I think she as of now is only making 5. All I know about this one is it’s about a remote island, Stoker’s brother and probably lots of sexual tension!!

I have another book by this author but I didn’t get around to reading it but I have heard mixed reviews about it, but when I seen she had a Robin Hood retelling I couldn’t help myself. It must be the year of the retellings for me…lol. Anyway in this one Robin Hood is dead and Maid Marian takes up the bow and arrows! 🙂

On the edge of town a beast haunts the woods, trapped in the Gray, its bonds loosening… Yeah, that pretty much sold me and the cover…lol. This is a debut author so I am not sure how it will go but it looks cool and sound interesting and maybe this will be my year for good fantasies! *Fingers crossed*

Solving the case will avenge her sister—unless the killer finds her first. It’s about murder in a small town and sisters and that’s all I want to know. I don’t like reading the whole blurb on my mysteries. This is also the first in a series.

This is the third one in the Kat Holloway historical mystery series and all I really know about it is that it says Kat is come out from under the stairs and going international. I don’t need to know anything else as I love this series and just wish June was here now. 🙂 ( I will take that back when June gets here to quickly…lol)

This one is about a teen girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and when she gets on a plane she complains to another girl who decides they should swap murders. Kim thinks she is joking when she agrees but then soon finds out it’s real when her ex turns up dead. Sounds like a YA version of Strangers on a Train which is one of the older mysteries on my goals list as I figured I should read the source material first. 🙂

So there you go some of the books I can’t wait to try this year! 🙂 Do you have any anticipated reads?


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