You’re Invited!|Murder at the Reinhart event

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You're Invited

February Mystery Event

I’m so excited to tell y’all about this February Mystery Event that Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and I cooked up! So I am really glad that Berls got all excited when I asked her if she wanted to come up with something cool to do with cozy mysteries. Then we started talking and this crazy month long event like nothing I’ve seen around was born. I think it’s safe to say we’re both really excited and really nervous to be doing something so different this month. We hope you’ll play along and have loads of fun!

When Berls and I started brainstorming, we decided that we really wanted to showcase authors whose characters solved mysteries in unconventional ways – think sleuths rather than detectives. Think cozy mysteries, though we played a little bit with that definition. We also really wanted to do something more than author guest posts, so that readers could be part of the event and really play along. And thus, Murder at the Reinhart was born.

Murder at the Reinhart

Berls and I co-wrote the first part of a murder mystery and then invited a bunch of authors to be part of it, by having their sleuths finish out the story and solve the murder in their own unique way. Then to up the stakes, we decided to add in a little competition. Each week one author will share their sleuth’s story on my blog at the same time that another author shares their sleuth’s story on Stormi’s blog. You – the readers – will get to vote on which sleuth’s version of events you liked best. We’ll crown a winner each week and they’ll get bragging rights 🙂 We’re counting on y’all to vote and make this loads of fun!

Schedule of Posts

So that you won’t miss any of the great posts we’ve got scheduled for you this month, here’s what you can expect:

Week 1… starting tomorrow!

Tuesday 2/3: Meet the First Round Competitors!
Lynn Cahoon vs. Lea Wait

Wednesday 2/4: Meet the Second Round Competitors!
Cheryl Dragon vs. Colleen Helme

Thursday 2/5: Meet the Third Round Competitors!
Laura Bradford vs. Katie Hayoz

Friday 2/6: It Begins!
Read the intro that Berls & I wrote that will be the launching point for all the rest of the stories! Part one will be on my blog Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my! and Part two will be on Berls blog Fantasy is More Fun.

The Sleuthing Begins!!

Week 2

Monday 2/9 & Tuesday 2/10
Jill Gardner (by Lynn Cahoon) vs. Angie Curtis (by Lea Wait)
* Voting will begin Tuesday & close Friday at 11:59 PM EST

Saturday 2/14
First round results announced

Week 3

Monday 2/16 & Tuesday 2/17
Deanna Oscar (by Cheryl Dragon) vs. Shelby Nichols (by Colleen Helme)
* Voting will begin Tuesday & close Friday at 11:59 PM EST

Saturday 2/21
Second round results announced

Week 4

Monday 2/23 & Tuesday 2/24
Claire Weatherly (by Laura Bradford) vs. Sylvie Sydell (by Katie Hayoz)
* Voting will begin Tuesday & close Friday at 11:59 PM EST

Saturday February 28th
Third round results announced

You’re Invited!

We hope you’ll join us this month and vote on your favorites each week! We’re so thankful to the authors that decided to go on this little adventure with us and they’ve prepared some really great stories for you. It will be hard to chose and I can’t wait to see who you’ll vote for each week!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our first round contestants! Any early favorites? Predictions?

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10 responses to “You’re Invited!|Murder at the Reinhart event

  1. WOW, Stormi, this is a really great idea! And I’m really excited about this month long feature you and Berls are hosting. Also excited to see that my friend Katie Hayoz is one of the authors who is participating I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with 🙂
    Good luck to all of us trying to figure out the whodunnit 😀

    • Stormi

      It’s surprising what two minds can come up I am excited and nervous at the same time since this is something new and not really done before..that I know 🙂

    • Stormi

      I hope it is, it has been fun coming up with it. It was fun coming up with the intro story..makes me want to write a cozy. 🙂

    • Stormi

      She is the queen, so when I had an idea of doing a cozy event, I knew she was the lady to go to..we brainstormed and boom event was 🙂

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