The Week In Review #99

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

Last week wasn’t as hot but it was still pretty warm but we did get a bit of rain. Though they say this week is going to be a hot one. 🙁

So I am a little disappointed because I went to get my classes for college and the graphic design photoshop and illustrator classes were full. 🙁 I waited to0 long to get this started, but I am going ahead and taking English 101 and Computer Applications and hopefully I can get into the photoshop one next semester. I have to have those before taking any other graphic classes.

Not much more to report than that. 🙂

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


Moon Chosen Destined for a king The Book Club Murders bone witch

Two of these are thanks to my blogging friends who find really cool books and then I can’t help but succumb to their awesomeness…lol.

  • Moon Chosen – new epic fantasy set in a world where humans, their animal allies, and the earth itself has been drastically changed. A world filled with beauty and danger and cruelty. Who could pass that up!
  • Destined for a King – Intended for the king, but ends up the guy trying to conquer her keep, and of course, falls for him. I have a feeling he is going to be better than the king she was supposed to be for…lol.
  • The Book Club Murder – Lets see, it’s about a book club and a cozy. Sounds like my kind of book!
  • The Bone Witch – A witch that can raise to dead! I have read a couple of books by this author and enjoyed them so thought I would try this. 

Audios from Tantor for review

Thought I only had one then some more came in. 🙂

20160727_114549[1] 20160729_135545

  • Center Stage – cozy centered around a lady going home after horrible broadway incident only to become the center of a murder investigation. Sounds like a book for me! 🙂
  • Conquered by the Highlander –  Scottish Laird has to protect a Lady and her brood of children. Sounds like right fun. And well this one had me at Highlander. 🙂 
  • Psycho USA -It’s about famous American Killers you never heard about. I am somewhat of a crime buff so these things always fascinate me. 
  • Whoever Fights Monsters – FBI veteran who coined the term Serial Killer back when profiling wasn’t even a thing tells about some of his cases. I have read several of his books!
  • The Next to Die – Someone is stalking a couple wanting to make them pay for their sins. Love a good mystery/thriller!

From Publisher


  • Walk the Hollow – A different take on Sleepy Hollow. I am a sucker for Sleep Hollow books! 🙂 


bone box plantation shudder dark place

So I found out I got a little money from Barnes and Noble in the settlement and so I picked up a couple books for my nook. 🙂


either side of midnight Skin and blood Rush chicken scratch

I like it when some things on my wishlist go free! 🙂

Books read last week

death of an english muffin assualt and pepper Show Time

Currently reading

Liar, liar grilled for Murder1 War of roses

What might be up next

Relic titan curse Kill or be Kilt

Leave a link and I will check out your week in wrap up!

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21 responses to “The Week In Review #99

  1. You were not kidding when you said you might have gone a little crazy! I do hope you like Destined for a King…You need to tell me when you read and finish it.

    Sorry about the college courses you wanted not being available but you will get into them. Just take it one step at a time.

    I hope you have a great week, Stormi! Happy Reading! ox

  2. Oh I am curious to see what you think of Whoever Fights Monsters! I almost spent my Audible credit this month on that book (I went with Rabia Chaudhry’s book about Adnan!)

  3. Book Club Murders looks good! I’m really excited about it. I also loved Plantation Shudders and Aaron Elkins’ books. You did some great shopping with your settlement! Bummer about the classes but it’s good that you’re able to make some progress and take some classes even though they weren’t exactly the one you want. You mentioned last week about being concerned about being the only non-traditional student in your classes. Both my girls are in school – one in a town that’s completely a college town and the other at a smaller school and they both have plenty of non-kid students. The smaller school has more adults but there are some in both so I think no matter where you are you won’t be the only one. Have a great week!

  4. Um, a little crazy…did not getting into those classes cause a mini clicking spree? Enjoy them all. Next semester you will get them! Stay cool 🙂 and enjoy your week

  5. Sorry to hear about the classes but hopefully next semester And hopefully it’s not as hot over there this week. 🙂

    Moon Chosen looks good, and I see you read Assault and Pepper? Curious about that one since I read another of her books (different series) and liked it.

  6. Sorry the class you wanted was full :-/ But that’s awesome that you’re going to be taking a Photoshop class. I sometimes think I should’ve majored in graphic design or something like that because now I’m trying to learn Photoshop, but it’s hard when you’re just trying to figure it out on your own by watching tutorials and whatnot.

    The Bone Witch sounds interesting and has such a great cover! Enjoy your new books and have a great week 🙂

  7. Good to hear you got some of your classes. You are on the way, Stormi. And what a great haul of books and audibles. Don’t you love those surprises that arrive in the mail! LOL

  8. I went crazy with my requests from Tantor but I missed what you got. It’s good that I did since I already have so many audiobooks lol. Sorry to hear about the classes but I hope you get to take that class next time. Have a great week Stormi!

  9. At least you got started on some classes and it will be great to move in slowly. Too bad you couldn’t get what you want though. I grabbed Plantation Shudders when I saw it on sale too. I should have my review up for Wake the Hollow later today. It wasn’t too bad even though the MC bothered me some. I really enjoy Sleepy Hollow stuff so that saved it for me. Relic looks interesting so I can’t wait to see what you think. Try to stay cool this week!

  10. Sorry about your courses. Still, at least you are registered for some so you have gotten the ball rolling. I like the sound of The Bone Witch – look forward to your review.

  11. I hope the weather cools down a bit there soon. We had some hot weeks, but the temperatures are more doable now, which is nice. Sorry to hear you couldn’t get in those classes you wanted.

    And yay for books on your wishlist going free. I hope you’re enjoying Grilled for Murder. I read that one last year and enjoyed it.

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