The Week In Review #87

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading? ย If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

So this week has been very hectic and I feel like I had a ton of things to do and no time in which to do them. Dad had his surgery on Wednesday, we spent Monday and Tuesday trying to make sure the house was clear of anything he could trip on and that he had space enough to move his walker around in. ย Then spent all day on Wednesday at the hospital, they get in no hurry to put a patient in a room. His surgery went fine and he is doing great just in a lot of pain.

He came home on Saturday and that means my fur babies go out and the stress and anxiety begins for me and my fur babies. ๐Ÿ™ ย I am hoping he recovers quickly and they won’t have to be out there to long. Also pray it don’t rain or storm cause I can’t have my babies out in that I will be frantic.

Though I will be stressed about my fur babies and relying on my cousin and brother to check on them while I am gone by the time BEA happens I think I might need a vacation from my dad!

Other than that not much to report as it’s been mostly busy bee cleaning and visiting dad and stressing out. I haven’t even finished one book this week. ๐Ÿ™ Going to try and blog ahead as much as possible but with this going on and BEA coming up my blog might be as full as normal.

So I don’t think I will have time to do a Monthly Update for April so I will just say that I am doing pretty good on my challenges and that I have read 13 books. Not to good but not to bad for it being a pretty busy and stress filled month. ๐Ÿ™‚

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added

Added way to many but it happens when you get all your request approved at once. ๐Ÿ™‚


Murder most curiousย Written offย Liar, liarย Stranger Gameย Emerald Tablet

Audiobooks for review:

Kill or be Kiltย Berry the Hatchet

From publisher:


Books bought (kindle):

seattle wolf pack

Got this box set for .99. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kindle freebies:

Free at time of purchase.

Black Water Talesย sweet smell of murder

Fun things I gotten lately:ย 


My first Marvel Collectors Corp box and I love it!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


So dad went to a bigfoot seminar in Arkansas and brought me back some things. A couple of the actors from the move Something in the Woods was there and autographed the poster and movie. It’s a B-rated movie but wasn’t that bad, not scary, but tells a story that is suppose to be based on true events.

Then the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek was there and dad got me an autographed book, so that was cool.

Books read last week

Not a thing. ๐Ÿ™ With dad having surgery on Wednesday it’s just been to busy around here to get anything in.

I am little over half way through Lois Lane: Fallout and I have about 5 hours left of The Demonists.ย 

Currently reading

falloutย demonist

What might be up next

decanting a murderย death of a dapper snowman

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16 responses to “The Week In Review #87

    • Stormi

      Me too! My fur babies can be annoying but I am a bit lost without them following me around and hogging my covers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So glad to hear the surgery went well and he’s back home. I hope you can get your furbabies back in the house quickly. {{posivibes}}} heading your way.

    Ohhhh! I want to go to a bigfoot seminar! That sounds like it would be pretty fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Stormi

      Thanks, I hope they can too but not sure. Right now I need possivibes to keep any storms away while they are out there.

      Dad, my aunt and my cousin all enjoyed the Bigfoot siminar…lol.

  2. Hope you are enjoying The Demonists. Glad your dad’s surgery went well and hope his recovery is short. I couldn’t stand to not have my babies with me all the time. The autographed book looks cool and I may have to look into that movie – we watch all kinds of horror, including the B ones. Sometimes you will find a gem. I almost requested Liar Liar but saw it is part of a series so I had some restraint. I had a busy week this week as I was traveling back and forth to a conference all of it. Work, it just gets in the way sometimes. Hope you have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I finished the Demonist and it’s was both strange and creepy, especially to listen too. Dad is doing pretty good but I am stressed over my fur babies. It breaks my heart every time I go outside and they whine and bark, as they don’t know why all of a sudden they were put outside. ๐Ÿ™

      Yeah, Liar Liar is part of a really dark British crime series that I find very interesting…lol.

      The bigfoot movie isn’t really scary just a couple of places that might make you jump but really just telling a story about what was suppose to have happened with a families encounter with one.

  3. I’m glad your dad’s surgery went well. I hope he recovers quickly so your herd can come back inside. And I wish you a lovely time at BEA!

    Your new books look good; I almost requested a few of those, but held off. I’m curious: where and how do you get audiobooks for review?

  4. Very good that your dad’s surgery went well…too bad about the fur babies!

    Your new books look very tempting,especially the cozies.

    I know what you mean about getting several approvals at once. That just about did me in when I first started NetGalley.

    Enjoy! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  5. I’m happy to hear the surgery went well! I hope everything goes smoothly for him and you while he recovers! I’m off to check out your review for Cinder and see what’s going on in the garden! Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am sorry to hear you had such a hectic week! But I am glad to hear your dad’s surgery went well, I hope his recovery will go smooth.

    I stopped by your garden post and it looks like your garden is growing well!

    Nice haul of books you got this week! And I hope this week will be a better one for you.

  7. Best wishes to your dad for a quick recovery (and here’s to smooth sailing with the fur babies too). A Bigfoot seminar? Cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love that Civil War set!

  8. I can’t wait to see Something In The Woods. Love bigfoot and such an amazing haul, Stormi. All of it is! I’m crossing my fingers the weather stays good for your furbabies and your dad has a speedy recovery!

  9. I hope you don’t stress too much Stormi and I hope there are no storms / rain etc… It’s a pity you don’t have someone who could take them for you for a couple of weeks.

    Hopefully your dad will recover quickly.

    Take care!

  10. Glad to hear that the surgery went fine-it’s such a stressful time when loved ones are in hospital. I hope things get a bit easier for you over the next few weeks.

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