The Week In Review #339

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The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

That is is, Winter, you are fired!! Just go away and let spring come in because I am done! It hasn’t been this freaking cold in I don’t know how long. We had ice and more ice and then very below average temps of like 5 but  feels like -11 and I am done. And now we could have snow all day today!  I don’t know how you guys up north handle it but it makes me very moody and cranky and I am so done with winter! Rant over.

I don’t have much more to talk about besides what I watched. I finished my rewatch of The Inspector Lynley Series ( I love Nathaniel Parker in this series!) and now I really want to try the books. Rewatched Discovery of Witches and what there is of the second season again( oh and the newest episode which almost made me cry!)…slightly addicted to Matthew Goode, I just want him to read to me so I can listen to his voice all day…lol. 🙂 Started watching The Stand and it’s okay but still prefer my 1994 version. Watched The Marksman with Liam Neeson and it was good but bit slow in parts.

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • Vasilisa – Three witches, two children, one ogre — and nowhere to run.  Sounds fun right! Other than that I know it’s a historical middle grade fantasy about Russian folklore. 🙂
  • See Something – It’s the eleventh book in the Witch City series and I am so behind as I am on like book six…lol.

Books read last week

  • The Hedgehog of Oz – A delightful tale that was very reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz but with it’s own fun elements.
  • Virgin River – I really enjoyed this and dare I say a bit more than the show. It had less of the drama. 🙂
  • Don’t Move – A fun creature feature with a giant spider but I wasn’t a total fan of the ending.

Currently reading

  • Children of Chicago – Only about 24% into it but so far it’s not bad. Little strange in parts and I am still trying to figure out exactly what it’s about. 🙂 I know it’s kind of a Pied Piper retelling of sorts and a horror/mystery.
  • Carrie – Just starting this one. It’s Stephen King’s first book and I have never read it, seen the movie so figured it’s about time I try it. Only about 8 pages in but it’s a short one so fingers crossed! 🙂
  • Demelza – It’s going to be on here a while. Didn’t get much chance to read on it.

What might be up next

How was your week? What did you get?

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19 responses to “The Week In Review #339

  1. It is just a little too cold. I prefer my cold temps to be above freezing. Everyone gets moody with winter, but for me, I’m more moody in summer when it’s sweltering hot and I about die walking to the mailbox. I hate it. I can’t go anywhere and do anything because it’s just so hot and there’s nothing to be done to cool off. I get why people hate winter though, but yeah, my season depression starts as soon as summer starts and doesn’t end until October because it always lasts beyond its seasonal time here.

    Nice new reads! Those are new to me ones. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Stormi

      It’s so COLD. I am not made for cold and our house is drafty so it’s just miserable, but good ole Missouri weather…cold and horrible now and by next week it could be in the 50’s!

  2. I am SO with you Stormi. Winter can please go away already! It’s ruined my long weekend already. And Dante’s meals didn’t get delivered so I’m trying to figure out what he’ll be eating for lunch… stupid weather, go away!

  3. I’m so sorry about the weather. It sounds like everyone is getting so much snow and/or cold temps. I hope spring gets her soon.

    Have a great week!

  4. I don’t mind the snow and cold at all, but it’s pretty much my first time for THIS MUCH cold so I’m stressing out over what do I do if the power goes out and we have no heat. I have my 93-yo mother and a cat and don’t know how to drive in snow or ice. So, yah. I’m on the edge of insanity right now and therefore can’t enjoy it like I had planned to. LOL

  5. I live in Southern California so we don’t get the freezing cold here like the rest of the country, so I send my sympathies! Our Summers are pretty awful, though. I loved the book version of the Virgin River series more than the TV series, but I do like the characters and setting they picked out. Not happy at all with how they changed the whole Charmaine part of the story. I did like the changes with Doc. Loved Inspector Lynley series, but it’s been a while since I last watched it. Have a lovely week!

  6. It is super cold here too. Roads are a mess, etc. Supposed to be cold all week and then warm up to… 27. Ooh. 🙁

    Hope you find a way to stay warm and have a good week. 🙂

  7. I know it’s bitterly, unusually cold in a lot of the country, and I’m sorry for the folks dealing with that who would rather not be. But I’m just a tidge envious. I wish we had gotten a bit more snow here, without the rain and freezing rain that followed it. My yard is a slushy, soggy, muddy mess.

    I love the Virgin River books, and I’m a little afraid to start the TV series in case they changed too much. But I’ll probably watch them eventually! I also want to watch the Discovery of Witches series; I don’t know why I haven’t started it yet. Maybe this month.

  8. I quite enjoyed the snow earlier this week but then the novelty wore off and I just want to feel warm again too.
    I actually forgot about The Inspector Lynley Series. I used to enjoy watching that.
    The Hedgehog of Oz sounds random but fun.

  9. I hope it gets warmer where you live soon. We had a very cold spell for a week and now it’s suddenly sunny and warm again. The weather is strange sometimes. I hope you have a good week!

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