The Week In Review #154

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

I don’t have much to report on this week. My photoshop class does start on Monday and I am nervous and excited. We are getting new Mac computers and a new room and I have never worked a Mac before…yikes!

Got a lot of reading done this week thanks to some short reads and liked all but one which was just meh.

Weather has been nice but rainy but we seen some geese heading south and I don’t like that!! To early, to early! They best just be going for a visit…lol.

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added



  • Hello Again – I need to read book one so hopefully I can get them both read soon. I’m in the mood for a bit of suspense and spookiness.
  • Merry and Bright – I always like Debbie Macomber’s Christmas books so couldn’t pass it up.
  • A Secret Garden – Was asked to give Katie Fforde a try and I like British chick lit so I thought why not.
  • The Dark Lake – This suspense thriller just sounded really good. 🙂
  • Dial Meow for Murder – The second book in the Lucky Paws Petsitting mysteries and I enjoyed the first one. #barbmademedoit 🙂 She told me it was on netgalley but I would have grabbed it anyway…lol. We both reviewed book one earlier this year I believe.

Went a little overboard this week. 🙂 #sorrynotsorry

From publishers


  • Good Me, Bad Me – It’s about a girl who turns in her mother for a serial crime and gets a new life but now she isn’t sure if she is any different than her mother. Sounds so good!! 🙂
  • The Devils You Know – I need some good horror and Michelle said it was good and the publisher said yes and sent me a copy!

I want to read both right now I am so torn on which one to pick up….lol.

Thank you Flatiron and Soho Publishing!! 🙂

Books read last week


  • River of Teeth – Disappointed. This is what happens when you are hoping for hungry hungry hippos and that is not what you get…lol. It did get a bit of action towards the end but I was hoping for killer hippo action not just some strange group of wranglers trying to round up the hippos. 🙁
  • Murder at Redwood Cove – I really enjoyed this one and not sure why I didn’t get this series started earlier! Great small town cozy feel.
  • Scared Witchless – This one was funny! I would be scared witchless too if I one day find out I am a witch after someone else gets killed when they try on your dress as it was meant to kill you! Made me chuckle!
  • Curse of the Boggin – I have book two coming up for a blog tour in Oct and so I thought I best get cracking on book one. I really liked it. Kind of like a magic library adventure for kids like the ones that have been real popular lately. 🙂
  • Textual Relations – Book two in the Gotcha Detective Agency, this was a short listen and a good mystery.

Currently reading


Like I said I can’t make up my mind…lol. So the one that holds my attention the most will win and the other will be next. 🙂 A Wee Homicide in the Hotel is book three in the ScotShop Mysteries and I really like this series about a Scottish community in Vermont.

What might be up next


What I watched

This weekend the Hallmark Movie and Mystery channel introduced The Rockford Files to the channel and so I binged on it yesterday. 🙂 I love James Garner! Also got caught up on Midnight, Texas and watched some of my regulars like Midsommer Murder. 🙂

How was your week? What did you get?

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15 responses to “The Week In Review #154

  1. Wow. So many awesome books, Stormi! Looks like we have been checking out some of the same one. Sadly, my book budget is spent already so some will have to wait. Are you going to share projects from your class like last time. I’m curious to see what you will be doing:)

    • Stormi

      We do have a similiar taste in books. 🙂 My book budget is spent too so if it wasn’t for the free ones I wouldn’t have much happening. 🙂 Yes, I will probably be showing off my projects as long as mac and pc can interchange cause if not I am in trouble since I have a student subscription to adobe to work from home and will be very upset if I can’t. 🙁

  2. For some reason, your post really reminded me of that game Hungry Hippos. Do you remember it? Speaking of games, are you still killing lego chickens? Hope your class goes well and think how much you’ll learn. I can’t wait to hear some thoughts on The Devil You Know. It sounds great!

    • Stormi

      Yeah, that is what I was thinking about when I said that…lol. I have been killing lego chickens but not getting anywhere I am stuck on that game. 🙁

  3. Macs are a little different than PCs, but you’ll learn quickly! I hope you enjoy this next class. We’ve had sweltering hot days that I’m looking forward to ditching. I wish we had a true fall season with cooler weather.

  4. Will be interested to see what you think of Good Me, Bad Me as I really enjoyed it. Will also be interested to see what you think of using a Mac as I’m thinking of one when I upgrade my computer.

  5. Mac are easier to navigate than a PC so you are going to LOVE it.

    You did get a lot of books. I really, really, really want you to read The Devils You Know so we can talk about it. I need to talk about it!!!

    I plan to read Odd and True at some point next week.

    I hope you have a great week, Stormi! Happy Reading! ox

  6. “going for a visit” 🙂 Hello Again does look nice and suspenseful lol, and Dial Meow for Murder I’ve seen on a few blogs now. Looks like a popular new cozy…

    I felt the same way about River of Teeth. Needed more hippo mayhem!!

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