The Week In Review #130

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

Not a whole lot going on here this Monday will be my last day to put the finishing touches on my three critter icons that we have been working on for a while now. Wednesday we have to show them off in class and I will be a nervous wreck…lol. I am kind of glad to finally be done with them and moving on to another challenge soon. Next Sunday I will show off my finished products so you can see what I did as they now have backgrounds and fake company names…lol.

The weather is pretty nice here so I am hoping to spend a lot of time getting my garden beds ready. I have a lot of tomato plants in my little greenhouse and I am going to start Jalapenos, eggplants, and onions (trying from seed this year as the bulbs last year didn’t do anything).


My first round is doing good.          My second round sprouted up nicely this week.

That is my week in a nutshell. 🙂

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added

I am calling this attack of the blog tour reads addition…lol. Except for two which I had requested coming in this week, the others are all for up and coming blog tours. #sorrynotsorryIfailedagain


  • Silence of the James – I really liked the first one, so had to get book two. (Blog Tour)
  • Cat Got Your Cash – The first one was cute, so of course had to get book two. (Blog Tour)
  • Southern Fried – Tonya Kappes is one of my favorite authors and I really liked the first one so again had to get book two. 🙂 (Blog Tour)
  • The Blackbird Season – I seen this one someone’s blog last week and requested it and got it.
  • Bring Her Home – Those darn emails, they get me almost every time…lol.



  • Thoreau on Wolf Hill – Book two in the Henry Thoreau mystery series, now I have one and two…lol. Caught it on sale for 1.99 so couldn’t pass it up.
  • A Muddied Murder by Wendy Tyson – seen book two on a blog and went to check out this one and it was only .99.
  • Flora’s Secret – was on sale for 1.99 and I heard it was a good series. 🙂



  • Sex, Lies and Sweet Tea – Um is it bad that I really just got this one cause of the title…lol.
  • Green River Blend – Small town supernatural read, sounds cool.
  • Murder at Merisham Lodge – I’m really getting into historical type mysteries. 🙂

Okay, so they might not be free still so look before clicking. 🙂

A book I am currently reading and I am liking though it’s going slower than it should, I think it’s me not the book…lol…anyway I seen it was free right now so thought I would let you all know.

Books read last week


  • The Skeletons of Scarborough House – So funny, not your traditional cozy mystery but I loved it!
  • Conquered by the Highlander – This was really good and I think I was in the mood for Historical Romance.
  • Mission Impawsible – Love this series! This is book #4 and the latest one in the series.
  • Wonder Woman: Lies (Rebirth) -Not read a lot of Wonder Woman comics but I have watched the series and know a little but this was a little confusing, but interesting. 🙂

Currently reading


  • All Good Deeds -It’s not the book it’s me, for some reason my reading mood is off. 🙁 I might need a break. So just not in the mood but I do like it.
  • A Lady’s Code of Conduct – Just started it for a blog tour on March 7th.
  • The Crow Trap – Just started it while I was at my computer so it’s sort of an off and on read…lol.
  • Defending the Dead – About halfway through it and it’s a genealogy cozy mystery type and this time she is learning about her Salem witch trial ancestors! 🙂

What might be up next


How was your week? What did you get?

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39 responses to “The Week In Review #130

    • Stormi

      Icons are done and don’t look too bad for my first attempt at creating something using illustrator. Hope it warms up there, it’s been pretty decent but we still have a few colder days ahead but I am so ready for spring.

  1. All the books in this list are totally new to me. I’m curious about Flora’s Secret. Looking forward to read your review. And thank you so much for posting the freebies. So appreciate it. 😀

    I hope you have a great week and awesome books that you’ll enjoy. 😀

  2. Looks like you had an amazing blogging week!
    Gardening is in full swing in my yard. I’m working on getting the cucumbers and zucchini into the beds this week and I already have tomatoes, which is amazing because I usually have issues with them. I hope you have good luck with yours as well! 🙂
    Have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I can’t believe you already have things planted! I am just getting my little seedlings ready and you got stuff in the ground! You must live in a warm climate. 🙂

  3. Your seedlings are doing so good. I can’t wait to see your school progress. Mr. Barb just completed his speech class – thank heavens. Lots of good books and I have the Kate Moretti book too. Hope you have a great week.

    • Stormi

      I finished my projects, I think they could be better but it’s not bad for someone who is just learning. I am worried about the next one which is t-shirt designs! You have The Blackbird Season too! I see a buddy read in our future. 🙂

  4. I’m impressed you are gardening from seed – good for you! “The Skeletons of Scarborough House” looks really good – and I see you gave it a lot of stars. I think I am going to snag a copy… I’ve been reading and writing non-fiction (urban and planning and archaeology). It is super interesting – but, everyone ALSO needs a little fiction now and then to relax and escape 🙂

    • Stormi

      The Skeletons of Scarborough House was a lot of fun so I hope you like it if you go ahead and grab it.

      I wish I could get into non-fiction but I have a hard time with it. I do like a good true crime or biography now and then. 🙂

  5. I started my Sunflowers from seeds. They are almost big enough to plant and hoping they good. It’s always hit or miss with them. I see lots of good books this week. Looks like we are reading a couple of the same ones too. Can’t wait to see your finished logos!

  6. Yay for good weather! Your greenhouse looks awesome – I wish I could keep plants alive! XD I hope you love all your new books! Bring Her Home looks really interesting. I’ll have to check that one out! Have a great week 😀

    • Stormi

      I am just learning how to keep plants alive! This is my third year gardening and my second doing my own from seeds, it’s a learning process. 🙂

    • Stormi

      I haven’t read this author before so if I like The Blackbird Season I will have to check out that one you mentioned. 🙂

  7. I am so jealous of your garden! I need a green house so I can start doing seeds.
    I am still not sure if I am doing a garden or not since I still don’t have anyone to water it when we are away.

    I hope you have a great week, Stormi! Can’t wait to see the finished projects!
    Happy Reading! ox

    • Stormi

      You can get those little indoor greenhouses. 🙂 That is what mine are in right now, then I got the lights on them. Though I do have my other greenhouse but it needs work. The winds we had the last few months here have wreaked some havoc on it. 🙁

  8. You are a terrible influence! Several of your new books I looked at but talked myself out of but now I want them! Must resist… Your plants look great! I have plans to get a greenhouse of some kind but until that happens I’m stuck buying plants. I’m just hoping they do better than last year which was a big fat fail! Have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I knew my hall would tempt you. 🙂 They have those little house or porch greenhouses, that is what I have my plants in now though I will put them in my bigger one outside later, but you could totally start plants in one. 🙂 Hope your garden is great this year! Last year was a bit of hit and miss.

  9. Glad your weather is doing better! I love tomatoes from the garden and I’ve never grown my own japaenos- that would be the bomb. The Blackbird Season and A Muddied Murder both look good. Wonder Woman does too.

    • Stormi

      It’s the only way I eat tomatoes is from the garden, I won’t eat store bought so I love when gardening time comes around. 🙂 I pickled my own Japs last year and OMG, they are hot…lol. This year I read my packet to see if it tells you how hot they will be…lol.

  10. I want to try and start a garden but I am not so sure it is in the cards this year. I am so curious about The Blackbird Season. I am tempted to request since I enjoyed her last book but have held off. Enjoy all your new books and have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I hope you get to try a garden soon! I hope I like The Blackbird Season it’s the first book by this author for me.

  11. Your garden looks great. I never could get the hang of gardening.

    Your books look great, too 🙂 A few of those are on my list as well. Hope you have a great week!

  12. I can’t wait to see your critter icons. That sounds like a fun assignment. You got a lot of good books but I scrolled real fast so I don’t get tempted lol. But Silence of the James caught my eye lol. I hope you enjoy all your new books and have a great week!

    • Stormi

      It was a fun assignment but I am also ready for something new as we had worked on those for a while getting use to illustrator.

  13. You have a lovely lot of books – I really enjoyed the Ann Cleves book – but it is a rather gloomy read… Your tomato seedlings are looking good – best of luck growing onions from seed – I tried one year and it was a complete disaster. The best results I ever got from onion sets was to first put them in those cardboard pots and sink those into the ground as it gave the roots a chance to establish in a growing medium before they took off. But until they had become established, I also netted them as the birds had a nasty habit of yanking them out of the ground the moment they started shooting.

    • Stormi

      Oh no, a gloomy read. I know it’s a long read, goodness when I got the book I was like OMG that is a thick book…hehehe. So far it’s a bit slow but I do hope it picks up soon.

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing your critter icons! I’m positive they will look fantastic! I haven’t grown vegetables since my grandfather stopped planting his garden when I was younger. When it was harvesting time, it was an entire family affair (all six of his kids and all of us grandkids). It was over an acre of garden. I miss it a lot. Once I get established in one house (can’t come soon enough!), I might try some small things next year. Each week I love seeing your plants and their progress! It gives me hope I can do it next year!

    • Stormi

      They turned out okay for someone with no experience. 🙂 Some others had way better ones but they also are High schoolers who have probably done that type of thing before…lol.

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