The Hunt has begun! #COYER Style!

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It’s Time! It’s Time! *runs around flailing arms* It’s time!

Are you ready to get your COYER on?
We are!

If you haven’t signed up yet or a bit fuzzy on the rules, check out the sign up post. You can sign up until Saturday, August 8th!

Calendar of Fun

We have so much going on for you this summer! Mark your calendars so you won’t miss out on any of it – from Bonus Rounds (aka Read-a-thons) to Twitter Parties and Facebook Fun, there’s something for everyone pretty much all the time! And pretty much every bit of extra fun comes with extra prizes! We have well over 100 books and fun swag to giveaway this summer. Remember, all these extra are NOT required – just do the basic COYER or do it all, it’s up to you!

Read-a-thons (AKA Bounus Rounds)

Why do we keep calling these read-a-thons bonus rounds? To remind you that if you’re doing the scavenger hunt coupling the read-a-thon theme with any item on the scavenger hunt list will earn you an extra point in the scavenger hunt! But in truth, they’re still just read-a-thons, so don’t feel that you can’t participate if you aren’t doing the scavenger hunt. All read-a-thons will have their own prize and are open to anyone who wants to sign up, even if they’re not doing COYER. If you’re doing the scavenger hunt, you’ll see a section the giveaway widget called bonus rounds. Each bonus round has 1 entry a day that will open up for the duration of the bonus round. It will close 1 day after the bonus round, so don’t forget to get in those entries! Here’s what we have scheduled:

  • Red, White & Blue: Read something with red, white, or blue on the cover or the words red, white or blue in the title. Read-a-thon is from July 4th – 10th, but you can sign up now, right here!
  • Beach Party: Read books that take place on/near a beach or involve vacation. Read-a-thon is from July 18th – 24th, but you can sign up now, right here!
  • Campfire Tales: Read books that YOU consider scary. Read-a-thon is from August 1st – 7th, but you can sign up now, right here!
  • Happy B-day COYER: Read books whose title includes C, O, Y, E, & R. Read-a-thon is from August 15th – 21st, but you can sign up now, right here!
  • Dog Days of Summer: Read a book with an animal on the cover. Read-a-thon is from August 29th – September 4th, but you can sign up now, right here!

Twitter Parties

We have 5 twitter parties scheduled, based on your feedback that you wanted more! Once again, here’s the schedule, so mark your calendars! They are always on the weekend, and always at 4pm EST. Oh yeah, and there will be prizes!

  • Saturday 6/27 @ 4pm EST
  • Sunday 7/12 @ 4pm EST
  • Saturday 7/25 @ 4pm EST
  • Saturday 8/8 @ 4pm EST
  • Sunday 8/23 @ 4pm EST

We’ll be using #COYER for the twitter parties and please use it all summer to tweet reading progress and reviews!

Facebook Fun

The COYER Facebook group has become quite the little community both during and outside of COYER, so if you haven’t joined yet please do! It’s a huge part of the fun! We’ll have weekly social media prizes based on participation on these 5 weekly Facebook activities:

  • Monday Motivation: Tell us your reading plans for the week!
  • Teaser Tuesday: We�ll jump on with the Teaser Tuesday meme�s idea, give us a 1 to 2 sentence tease from your current read.
  • Who Are You? Wednesday: Pick a character from your current book that you�d like to be (or would hate to be).
  • Tag You’re It Thursday: We�ve moved it, but it�s the same! Take turns asking a question for the whole group!
  • TGIF!: Tell us what you actually read this week!

We’ll announce winners each week at one of our blogs in a weekly COYER Update!

The COYER Grandprize Giveaways!

This is the part you were looking for right? We have THREE $10 gift card to either Amazon or B&N up for grabs and THREE different ways to win one. You ready?

Note: Because we’ll be giving away so much during COYER (not just these three grandprize giveaways), we won’t be mailing any prizes until COYER is over. Only eBook prizes will be sent during the event.

The Review Linky – (1) $10 gift card

This is the nuts and bolts of COYER. I’m curious to see if we can beat last times total of 658 reivews. I think we can! Read a book, review it, link the review. A winner will be randomly selected from the reivew linky, so everytime you review a book you increase your chances of winning. The giveaway, as all COYER giveaways, is open Internationally. We will be monitoring links to make sure they link DIRECTLY to reviews (on blogs, Goodreads, etc.).

[inlinkz_linkup id=536656 mode=1]

The Scavenger Hunt – (1) $10 gift card

For those that wanted a bit more challenge, we gave you an insane list of 80 items to find while cleaning out your TBR. For the rules and official list, refer to the sign up post. The items are all numbered and divided up by point value. One entry per book (except the bonus point during bonus rounds)! A great way to let everyone know what you’re reading from the scavenger hunt is to indicate it on your review (it’ll also makes things easier for us!). Here’s a great example of how to do it from Jennifer @ The Book Nympho:

Scavenger hunt example
She’s just added it to the bottom of her post, nice and pretty 🙂

Thanks for sharing this Jennifer!


Super Supportive Pariticipant – (1) $10 gift card

This is for those that are super active and great cheerleaders, but maybe you don’t read quite so fast! Again, refer to the sign up post for a detailed explanation of how to earn points!

Need A Button?

We have a button 🙂


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Post questions below or in the facebook group and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you want to ask your question via email – please direct it to the offical COYER email address:
Also, if you’re not signed up for the COYER email list be sure to do so – we’ll send reminders about twitter parties via that email list.

Thanks for joining us! Let’s have a blast!!

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2 responses to “The Hunt has begun! #COYER Style!

  1. WooHoo! May the odds be ever in your favor 😉 I’m so excited for this new COYER challenge! My Scavenger Hunt list is pretty much figured out, but I don’t know how many of those books I’ll actually read… Mood reader and all being my way.
    Good luck, Stormi, I look forward to participating in everything that will happen now 😀

    • Stormi

      YAY, it’s I have a small list going but I am such a mood reader so I don’t know how things will

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