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Review of Thorn Jack ~Two Bloggers, One BookThorn Jack (Night and Nothing, #1) by Katherine Harbour
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Published by Harper Voyager Pages: 352
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They call us things with teeth. These words from Lily Rose Sullivan the night of her death haunts her seventeen-year-old sister, Finn, who has moved with her widowed father to his hometown of Fair Hollow, New York. After befriending a boy named Christie Hart and his best friend, Sylvie Whitethorn, Finn is invited to a lakeside party where she encounters the alluring Jack Fata, a member of the town's mysterious Fata family. Despite Jack's air of danger and his clever words, Finn learns they have things in common.
One day, while unpacking, Finn finds her sister's journal, scrawled with descriptions of creatures that bear a sinister resemblance to Jack's family. Finn dismisses these stories as fiction, but Jack's family has a secret—the Fatas are the children of nothing and night, nomadic beings who have been preying on humanity for centuries—and Jack fears that his friendship with Finn has drawn the attention of the most dangerous members of his family—Reiko Fata and vicious Caliban, otherwise known as the white snake and the crooked dog.
Plagued with nightmares about her sister, Finn attempts to discover what happened to Lily Rose and begins to suspect that the Fatas are somehow tied to Lily Rose's untimely death. Drawn to Jack, determined to solve the mystery of her sister's suicide, Finn must navigate a dangerous world where nothing is as it seems.

Here is what I thought

I have had Thorn Jack sitting in my kindle for a good while now and then I seen that Barb had it so that prompted a buddy read. So don’t forget to check out her review!

I don’t really know how to describe Thorn Jack except to say its a very strange, very wordy (detailed), weird read. I am not a fan of very detailed type of reads but at the same time I wanted to know who the Fatas really were and what was going to happen.

Most of the time I wasn’t sure what type of creatures the Fatas and the others were but I always thought I had an idea in the back of my mind. LOL.

Finn’s sister committed suicide and so her father decides it’s time for a move and moves back to his home town but it’s not a normal town. Finn soon realizes this once she meets the Fatas. She falls for Jack, and Jack falls for her but he is not suppose to he is only suppose to charm her. Jack is a very strange creature that is hard to define or tell you about without giving to much away. It’s really hard to talk about this novel at all without feeling like I might give to much away.

I like Finn but I think she is also a bit on the stupid side because she knows pretty much what she is getting herself into by the end but still goes along with things. I also like her friends Christie (a boy) and Sylvie whom she meets at the college that she goes too. They all get wrapped up in the strangeness that is the Fatas and things get a bit tense at times. It had a lot of folklore in it and I really don’t know much about Tam Lim so those that do might like it more.

There are lots of scary and interesting characters in the town.

I had a hard time coming up with a rating for this book cause I did like parts of it and it did make me want to read it but at the same time I got really bogged down in the details and so it slowed me down. I have the next book to read and I am torn between wanting to try it and not wanting too. 🙁

I went back and forth between 2.5 and 3 stars but since it was interesting enough to finish I gave it 3.

Recommend if you like

Detailed world building and the strange and unusual

Author Bio


The author of Thorn Jack, Briar Queen, and Nettle King. (The Children of Night and Nothing series) Pretty good Painter and terrible gardener. Loves Faery, the Gothic, Victorian writers, the female surrealists, botany, and myth & folklore. My aunt once dated a Beatle, my father loved to read Mark Twain, and, if I was brave enough, I’d explore all those haunted woods and houses.

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5 responses to “Review of Thorn Jack ~Two Bloggers, One Book

  1. Wow, we did have quite similar thoughts on this and I was so curious to see if our rating was the same. I love that we both thought Finn was stupid and made stupid decisions. I guess if she hadn’t there might not have been much to the book. Looking forward to our next buddy read when you return from your trip!

  2. Since it sounds like you both had pretty similar thoughts I think I might give this a miss. I like the weirdness of this and I love the cover but I’m not sure I really want to go into something that gets bogged down with detail. Plus Finn’s stupid decisions sound like they’d drive me crazy!

  3. I had high hopes from the blurb of this one then felt deflated by your review (not your fault!). It seems like it could have been a good book because it was a good idea. Shame.

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