Review of Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: School of Meanies

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Review of Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: School of Meanies

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

School of Meanies by Daren King
Genres: Children's Book, Paranormal
Published by Quercus Pages: 128
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Illustrator: David Roberts

'Ghost School is stupid and rubbish, and, um, I'm not going to Ghost School ever again!'
Bumping is Humphrey Bump's best thing - even better than cakes and lollipops! But the nasty headmaster at ghost school doesn't agree. He expels Humphrey for - you've got it! - bumping.
So the other ghosties - Agatha, Tabitha and Wither - find Humphrey a place at still-alive school. They are also on hand to help him make friends. Wither invisibly writes a spooky poem on the board, Agatha sends children whirling into the clouds, and they all whisp out of Humphrey's satchel during lessons.
The still-alive children are so mean they only run away. But they are nothing compared to the still-alive headmaster who is the biggest bully ever. Can Humphrey gather all the ghosties together to fight the bully, save the school and make lots of new friends?

First Line

Ghost School is boring. You get told off for bumping!

What I thought of this book.

School of Meanies is the second book in this really cute children’s series about a group of ghost. Humphrey Bump has been expelled from Ghost School because of his bumping. He can’t help if he likes to bump everything, it’s what he does. The adult ghost decide that he must go to Stay-alive School but things don’t go very well as everyone is afraid of ghost.

Humphrey does make friends sort of with Amelia though she really don’t think they can be friends cause he is a ghost and she is not. They sort of bond together over the fact that the Headmaster of the Stay-alive School is a real  bully, no fibbing!  (that is one of Humphrey’s favorite sayings.)

School of Meanies is really about fitting in and bullies and how the come in many shapes and sizes. Humphrey also learns that just because he likes bumping doesn’t mean that others like him bumping them. In a way he was a bit of a bully for doing it. I love all the Ghost characters but Withers really cracks me up, he is a poet, but not a very good Not sure where Withers got his information on Children loving veggies.

“If there is one thing children love, ” Wither said with a smile, “it is vegetables. And if there is one other thing children love, it is poetry.”
“Please don’t let Wither write a poem about vegetables, ” I said, trying not to blub. “I hate vegetables, and Wither’s poems are drivel.” “Don’t be mean,” said Wither. “If Wither reads his poems at the school,” I said, “the still-alive children will hate us ghosties more than ever.”

Withers gets the last laugh in this book and it was pretty funny how it ends. If you have young readers I would recommend this fun ghostly read.

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    • Stormi

      It was cute and I liked that it was about how Bullies are not always just kids as there as an adult that was being a bully. 🙂

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