Review of Every Trick in the Rook

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Review of Every Trick in the Rook

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Every Trick in the Rook by Marty Wingate
Published by Alibi on March 7th 2017
Pages: 251
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Julia Lanchester’s perch is knocked askew when murder hits a little too close to home in this delightful cozy mystery.
Julia Lanchester is flying high. She’s nesting with her boyfriend, Michael Sedgwick, and she’s found her niche as manager of the tourist center in her picturesque British village. Thanks to all her hard work, visitors are up—way up. Her reward is an even more hectic schedule. Michael’s busy, too, traveling all over as the personal assistant to Julia’s father, celebrity ornithologist Rupert Lanchester. With precious little time together, Julia’s romantic weekend with Michael can’t come soon enough.
But the getaway is spoiled when Julia’s ex-husband is found murdered on her boss’s estate. And after a witness reports seeing Michael near the scene of the crime, the press descends, printing lies and wreaking havoc. To protect Julia, Michael vanishes into thin air, leaving her to pick up the slack on Rupert’s show and track down the real killer—even if it means putting herself in the flight path of a vicious predator.

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First Line

A distinctly steamy atmosphere filled the church hall at St. Swithun’s on that early April Thursday evening, created by wet mackintoshes, dripping umbrellas, and leather boots that would not dry out until July, all combined with six oil-filled radiators plugged in along the walls.

Here is what I thought

Every Trick in the Rook is book three is the Birds of a Feather series and it was just as good as the other two.

Julia has settled in really nicely with her boyfriend and things are going really good at the TIC (The Information Center). Her and her boyfriend decided to take a little vacation to get away from all the responsibilities they have but it’s cut short. Cut short because her ex-husband whom she hasn’t seen in a long time is found dead. He sent both Julia and Michael an email wanting to talk but neither had gotten back to him. Now Michael is being seen as the killer. There is a mob of ruthless reporters who won’t leave them alone so he decides to leave Julia for a while hoping they would follow him.

With her boyfriend gone Julia is not only trying to work her job but his job with her father at the same time. Not only that but try and find out why her ex was here, what he wanted and who might have killed him. Her plate is extremely full and after awhile it starts to get to her but she does a great job  trying to balance out everything.

I felt so bad for Julia, she thinks her boyfriend is leaving her though it’s just temporarily but at times she is not sure. She tries to be producer of her fathers bird show, work at the TIC alone since the other two that work there had to be somewhere else. She think she can handle it all but is really stressing. She holds it together pretty good, she feels bad because she doesn’t feel anything really when it comes to her ex-husband being killed. She just wants to get Michael off the hook. The lead detective doesn’t really believe he done it but he is the only lead and was seen in the area that he was killed.

The highlight of the story I think is the young girl and her Rook who come to see Julia at the TIC, the rook is very smart and helps solve some of the mystery. It has a really good mystery and I only figured it out a little bit before Julia. It has a lot of the same great characters from the previous one and some new additions.

I really enjoyed it and it’s fun learning about birds.

Recommend if you like

Cozy mysteries, British things, birds and a good mystery with great characters.

Author Bio

Marty Wingate is a Seattle-based mystery writer who also lectures about gardens and travel. She is the author of the Potting Shed mysteries from Random House/Alibi, about Pru Parke, middle-aged American gardener who moves to England and digs up more than weeds. Her second cozy series, Birds of a Feather, follows the adventures of Julia Lanchester, daughter of a celebrity ornithologist and manager of the tourist information center in a Suffolk village. Marty is available to visit your book club via the internet. She leads garden tours to European and North American destinations.

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