Review of Darkmouth

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Review of Darkmouth

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Darkmouth by Shane Hegarty
Genres: Adventure, Middle Grade
Published by Harper Collins Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss


A monstrously funny debut from the new star of middle-grade adventure.


Legends (also known as terrifying, human-eating monsters) have invaded the town of Darkmouth and aim to conquer the world.

But don’t panic! The last remaining Legend Hunter - Finn - will protect us.

Finn: twelve-years-old, loves animals, not a natural fighter, but tries really, really hard, and we all know good intentions are the best weapons against a hungry Minotaur, right?

On second thoughts, panic.


First Line

The town of Darkmouth appears on few maps because very few people want to find it.

What I thought of this book

Darkmouth is the start of a monster hunter series featuring Finn, a young boy who is a bit of a reluctant monster hunter. He is not good at it and he would much rather help animals or monsters instead of hunt them. He really wants to be a vet, but it’s his families legacy to be monster hunters or as they are called Legends. Legend hunters can only come from a family of Legend hunters other civilians can not be one.

Try as he might Finn is just not good at it and is always messing things up. The town is starting to get frustrated because they are the only town with gateways left as all the other Legend hunters have nothing to do. Some think they are letting the monsters go on purpose to keep their jobs.

There is a Legend on the infected side who has a plan to make the Promised Land his and there is a prophecy that says the last child of the last legend hunter has the ability to close the world forever. So he sends a Legend over with the prophecy, but he gets zapped by Finns father before he can finish and Finn only knows that he seemed to be saying something about him. His father won’t answer his questions.

Darkmouth was a fun story that leaves with a decent ending but also wanting to know what will be happening next. I really liked Finn and felt sorry for him as he is just not like his father. I think he shows a lot of potential in being a good hunter once he gets the confidence to do so.

Since I had an eARC I didn’t get to see all the cool graphic illustrations that will be is in the final copy, but there was some sketches that lets me know that it’s going to have some good ones.

If you have some young readers who are into fun action adventure type novels then they might love Darkmouth, heck I think adults can like it too! 🙂

Counts for item #6 of the COYER scavenger hunt. Read a book with a cartoonish cover.

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