Monthly Report ~May

June 13, 2020 Misc. 5

Not sure how anyone else is feeling but I am kind of glad that the months are going by at a semi steady pace as if I ever wanted a year to end it would be this one. It is not at all how I thought 2020 would be and I am ready for something new and better to happen so maybe getting this year over is the key. 🙂

Anyway I read (mostly listened) to 18 books in May and that brings my total to 87 books this year so not bad. It was a mix bag of books with some good and bad.

Here is a breakdown of what I read.


2 ebooks and 16 audiobooks (some of these audios I actually had eARCs for and could follow along but counting it as audios as I did listen more than read.)


11 mysteries (3 where YA),1 middle grade 2 historical romances, 1 classic, 1 paranormal romance/mystery and 2 YA paranormal,


one 5 star, nine 4 stars, two 3.5 stars,four 3 stars, 2 two stars

Where I got them:

NetGalley: 2

Edelweiss: 4

From Publisher/Author/Publicist: 7

Borrowed/Library/Hoopla: 5

What I read/listened to in the month of June


Least favorite:


Only challenge I am really doing right now is COYER since it’s going to be all year long now.

11 this month for a total of 22 since COYER Quarantine edition started.

What I hope to get to in June

and more but such a moody reader right now I can’t decide…lol.


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    • Stormi

      Currently reading The Only Good Indian and it’s kind of boring, but Barb told me to push through cause it gets better so I am trying!!! 🙂

  1. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    I usually try not to wish time away, but this year has been bad. I’m also ready for it to be over. I’m tired! Congrats on getting so many books read. I hope you’re having a good June.

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