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Man, where did February go! I didn’t get a lot of reading done this month. My year in reading is starting off really strange as I am having the hardest time finding something to catch my attention long enough that I don’t switch reading, so there for I have lots of books going but nothing getting finished. 🙁

As of right now, I have a total of 30 books read but only read/listened to 11 for the month of February. I know to some that is a lot but normally it’s a lot more.

Books read/listened:




I read a few that I really enjoyed:

  • A Perilous Undertaking
  • Game of Shadows
  • Third Grave Dead Ahead
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Bookish Resolution Challenge

Reading Goals:

  • Read at least 25 of my own books.

Not off to a good start as I have only read two!

  • Put a major dent in old review books. Not putting a number on this one cause I just don’t know what to put but I do want to read as many as I can and try and get caught up. (Not that it will actually happen.) 🙂

I have read three older review books so this could be better!

  • Do my best to keep up with review books for 2017, I am tired of being behind.

Failed, I am behind. 🙁

  • Not requesting as many new books so that I can keep caught up.

Yeah, fail…lol. I try really I do.

Personal Goals:

  • Use my newbie planner I got to keep track of review books and blog tours. (Got this cheap little planner to see if I will like them or not…lol.)

So far I have been looking at it to see what books come out and if I have a blog tour scheduled, but I am not sure I have put every book and tour in there….worried…lol.

  • Blog ahead – try and keep at least a week or two ahead of schedule

This one is working so far as I have a few reviews going into March. 🙂

Writing Goals:

  • Finish one book even if it’s just the rough draft.
  • Start the second book or at least have an idea.

This section is a work in progress. I do know that I need to concentrate a bit more on my writing.

 So these are my goals for the year and I hope I can keep to them. 🙂

Some books I want to read in March:



I am sure there will be others, I am not good at making list since my mood is always changing but I really am hoping to get these in. 🙂




9 responses to “Monthly Report ~ February

  1. You got some good books coming up and you’re doing well with all your challenges. I do really well the first month of so of having a planner and then I seem to slack off. I’m trying to do better this year with that as well. I’m sure you’ll get lots of reading done in March. Are you guys having crazy storms like we are? March sure is coming in like a lion!

  2. I also need to get my writing self together. I’m participating in the Mini Blog Ahead challenge, so I hope that helps me out. You are making progress on your reading goals and challenges! Mine was just a little bit up from last month, but hopefully March will see more gains for me. Happy reading!

  3. I’m so impressed with the number of books you generally get through – and the number of reading challenges you have going. I share your pain regarding getting on top of the TBR pile and cutting down requesting new books… Netgalley has definitely become something of a vice. Do you allocate yourself a regular writing time for your own books?

  4. I imagine that class is cutting into your reading some. My goal last year was to read more review books but there were so many I just locked up. This year I’ve picked one a month and so far I’ve done okay though I’ll feel like it’s actually been a success in November or December! You got some great reading done in Februrary and we have a lot of similar reads in March – especially Elementary She Read and Pressed to Death. I loved the first one in that series! Hope March is fantastic!

  5. 11 books seems like a good number for me, though it’s all relative if you read more normally. February seems to have been an odd month for a few people…I’ve read a few with people saying they didn’t read as much or didn’t get into the books they’re reading.

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