Monthly Report: April

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Bookish Resolution Challengereport

Man the months are flying by!!!!! I can’t believe April is gone already. So it’s time for another monthly report!

So I have read/listened a total of 54 books this year which is pretty good for me and I think if I can keep on this track then I will reach my Goodreads goal of 175 books read this year..fingers crossed. 🙂 So far I am ahead on books in this challenge!

I listen/read 13 books in April.

[challenge-overview for=”A-Z Author Reading Challenge 2015″]

I am doing pretty decent with this one I think.

Books read this month:

murdermysterysuite Cold Burn of Magic

Letters A and E are done. 🙂

[challenge-overview for=”Audiobook Reading Challenge 2015″]

This one is coming along pretty well but I still think I need to step up the pace a bit.

Books listened to this month:

KodiakClaim-137x137 outfoxed by love murdermysterysuite Unforgiven Dear Mr. Knightley

I have currently listened to 23 and my goal is 40 but I am hoping to surpass it!

[challenge-overview for=”Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge 2015″]

I am doing pretty good with this one. 🙂

unforgivablefix Fixed in Blood

[challenge-overview for=”Cruzin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2015″]


I need to step it up with this one as I should be doing better!

Book read:


[challenge-overview for=”Historical Romance Reading Challenge 2015″]

Didn’t read any for this one this month. 🙁


[challenge-overview for=”Homework Assignment Reading Challenge 2015″]

With this one I am suppose to read two a month off of my assigned list I made. Totally FAILED this one had had to use my bummed. :(.


[challenge-overview for=”Horror Reading Challenge 2015″]

I have a ton of books for this and I am sure when it gets closer to October I will read But I need to step it up a bit on this one!

Book Read:

Don't Stay Up Late

[challenge-overview for=”Netgalley/Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2015″]

I think I am doing fair on this one but  I need to step it up a notch.


Books Read:

Cold Burn of Magic luckugly2 Don't Stay Up Late The Cemetery Boys Ferals


unforgivablefix Fixed in Blood

For from Netgalley and three from Edelweiss. 🙂

[challenge-overview for=”New Release Challenge 2015″]

I am doing pretty good with this one but I sort of put my goal low, so if I get to where I go over my goal I might up it. 🙂

Books Read:

Fixed in Blood Ferals

Bookish Resolution Challenge

1) Get my netgalley ratio up and knock off some edelweiss books.

Oh this is such a fail…I got way to many ARC’s from netgalley and actually made it go down a point!!!!! 🙁  LOL

2) Try my hand at discussion questions.

I am going to be doing this soon I know

3) Limit my netgalley/edelweiss eARC’s to 5 or less if I can.


4) Read more of my own books.


5)Lose weight.

Epic fail. nuff said. 🙁

I so failed the Bookish resolution this month…LOL

So there you have it a summary of my challenges for the month of April. You can see how my books cross over to different 🙂

How are your challenges going?


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