Friday Meme’s ~ The Mouse Watch

May 15, 2020 Misc. 15

Since there are a few Friday Meme’s that I want to participate in I have decided to post them all in one post.

book beginnings memeBook Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader. Take the first sentence of your current read and post it.

You’ve heard of the Rescue Rangers. Now meet the Mouse Watch.

Around the globe, exceptional mice live in the shadows. Under the direction of famed mouse inventor Gadget Hackwrench, they work together as a team to solve BIG problems using SMALL gadgets. They are high trained. They are nearly invisible. And they love cheese. Their mission: save the world.

Bernadette is a small-but brave-mouse with a score to settle. Jarvis is a sensitive rat with a big appetite and unmatched puzzle-solving skills. Both are eager to prove their worth as the youngest, newest recruits to the Mouse Watch.
But before their first day of training is through, Bernie and Jarvis find themselves at the center of an evil plot orchestrated by the Rogue Animal Thieves Society (R.A.T.S.). Soon they are catapulted from new recruits into full-on action heroes, as they learn how to work together to save the Mouse Watch-and the world as they know it.

Mission Impossible meets “Mice in Black” in this action-packed middle grade adventure that will take readers on an epic thrill ride and leave them ready to join the Watch!

This sounds so cute that I just have to start now even though the pub date got pushed back!

Above the serene gaze of the most famous statue in New York, perched at one of the windows beneath her gigantic, seven-spiked crown, was an abomination.

Interesting beginning, makes you curious what the abomination is!

Friday 56

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda @ Freda’s Voice. It’s like Tuesday  Teaser but  you have a specific place in your read that you have to turn in your read (page 56 or 56%) to get your teaser.

“You know, how do I even know I can trust you? You seemed to figure those codes out awfully quickly. Almost like you got them from an organization of evil rats trying to take over the world? And now you don’t want us to even try to help? If you’re hiding something…”

Not sure what is going on here but Bernie is after someone! 🙂

Took this from 56% of the eARC so text is subject to change once published. 

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  Each week we are asked a question to answer so it reminds me a bit of FF and so I thought it made a good fit to my other Friday Memes.

As a book blogger yourself, what was the last book you read as a result of a fellow blogger’s post?

Um, I am going to say Titanshade by Dan Stout. Barb and I both seen this one on Tammy’s blog and wanted to read it so we did a buddy read.


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  1. Katherine

    This looks adorable! I love the cover. I’m not sure what was the latest book I read because of a blogger. More all my blogger friends affect my book buying and library checking out but it takes me so long to get to them usually I’ve forgotten who recommended the book in the first place!

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