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August 11, 2017 Memes 16

BMR,Friday's MemeSince there are a few Friday Meme’s that I want to participate in I have decided to post them all in one post.

book beginnings memeBook Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader. Take the first sentence of your current read and post it.


Put on a pair of “X-Ray” glasses and things will never look the same! These almost magical specs will make you the hit of the party! Astonishing three-dimensional X-Ray visions of what your friends—and girls—look like under their clothes! And all for just $1.


Martin Blackstone punishes his son for wasting his allowance on a pair of flimsy cardboard sunglasses X-ray vision . . . yeah, right. Martin tries them on just for the hell of it—and all they do is give him a headache . . .


Until he sees things he can’t possibly be seeing. Glimpses of things on the other side of a wall or beneath someone’s clothing. He wants to believe it’s just his overactive imagination but the “X-Ray” specs actually work. Then the fun novelty becomes a waking nightmare when the glasses burn into his face and he starts seeing horrifying apocalyptic visions no mortal man was ever meant to see. Images that alter his very personality—from a husband and father to a bloodthirsty homicidal maniac . . .

Because sometimes you can see too much..

I know it’s kind of a gross cover and won’t appeal to everyone but I am gearing up for spooky time and in the mood for horror. 🙂

If there was one thing Martin Blackstone truly hated, it was being disturbed during the two hours he allowed himself a night to watch television.

I am not a huge fan of Martin and I think the author meant it to be that way.

Friday 56

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda @ Freda’s Voice. It’s like Tuesday  Teaser but  you have a specific place in your read that you have to turn in your read (page 56 or 56%) to get your teaser.

A tiny patch of skin stuck to the arm of the glasses. He angled the rearview mirror down to inspect his head. Right next to his ear was a blood-red circle. When he touched it with a fingertip, a bolt of pain went from one side of his head to the other.

Sounds like something is going very wrong with those glasses. 🙂

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  Each week we are asked a question to answer so it reminds me a bit of FF and so I thought it made a good fit to my other Friday Memes.

Do you participate in readathons and/or reading challenges?

Yes, I do but I think next year I am just going to participate in the ones I host and maybe some of ones that are only a month long. Getting challenge burnout.


16 Responses to “Friday Meme’s ~Optical Delusions”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Martin is a creep and I agree, I don’t think we are supposed to like him. I finished this Wednesday and although I liked it, I STILL miss the sea monkeys. I don’t know that the feeling of missing them will go away. I’m surprised you didn’t end up with a sentence describing his peeping tom abilities – it seemed to be EVERYWHERE in the book.
    Barb (boxermommyreads) recently posted…Weekly Reads (08/11/17)My Profile

    • Stormi

      I still miss those sea monkeys too…lol. I thought about one of those parts but I was close to that part so just used it…lol.

    • Stormi

      No it’s not a book for young reader though it features comics and kids. It’s the boys father who gets a hold of the glasses and when they start working he starts looking at women and those glasses go farther than just looking at bras, so not for kids. The book also has some gross moments.

  2. Roberta @It's a Mystery

    Like another reader, I’m not getting a clear sense of genre from this book.

    I’m currently hosting a reading challenge to read through 100 bestsellers that were picked by a computer algorithm as the best of the best in the last three decades. I’m reading books I might not have discovered without the challenge, but I also feel like I’m missing some of the fun new books that are out because I have to read the books on the list instead. So, challenges have good points and not such good points.

  3. Literary Feline

    I admit the cover of Optical Delusion doesn’t appeal to me, but your teasers do! And from the description you shared, it sounds like it will be fun one!

    I decided to forgo all challenges this year and while sometimes have been tempted to break my abstinence, I am glad I haven’t. Not sure what next year will hold . . .

    I hope you have a great weekend, Stormi!

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