Friday Meme’s: Fixed In Fear

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BMR,Friday's MemeSince there are a few Friday Meme’s that I want to participate in I have decided to post them all in one post.

featurefollowFeature and Follow Friday is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? – Suggested byNot Tonight I’m Reading

So we have a non-bookish question today I see. This could be considered a reading snack…lol. I am a chocolate fan, so anything chocolate is going to be my favorite. Rocky Road, Chocolate Brownie Fudge are two of my favs. 🙂


book beginnings memeBook Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader. Take the first sentence of your current read and post it.

Fixed in Fear

The Fixer returns in the pulse-pounding Justice series—perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter thrillers—as worlds collide in an inferno of bloodshed, revenge, and holy terror.

I’ll probably never see my daughter again. And if I do, she’ll either be dead or in a jail cell.

Seattle Chief of Detectives Mort Grant cannot reconcile the memories of his vibrant, headstrong young daughter with the cold, deadly woman she has become. The head of one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, Allie Grant seized power by wrenching it away from her lover, a notorious Russian gangster. How she maintains her control, Mort doesn’t even want to imagine.

Only two other people know the truth about Allie: the vigilante known as The Fixer, and Mort’s best friend, Larry, who’s undergoing a crisis of his own. Someone close to Larry, his last real connection to his beloved late wife, has been slain in a mass murder at a sweat lodge deep in the woods of Washington State. When word gets out, Mort immediately takes on the gruesome case.

But as Mort hunts down a pair of methodical killers, The Fixer does some deep digging of her own. And what she unearths will rock Mort’s family forever. Because The Fixer has set her sights on Allie Grant—and nothing will ever be the same again.

I have really enjoyed this series and I feel sorry for Mort as his Daughter has become a pretty powerful criminal and he is a cop. 🙁 Mort has a friendly understanding with the Fixer but if she goes after his daughter I am not sure what will happen…lol. I just started this one last night, so can’t wait to find out what happens! This is book 5 in the series and it’s a series that needs to be read in order starting with The  Fixer.

It was September and the air blew warm across the broad clearing high atop a pine-forested hill. Nevertheless, Dalton Rogers mentally hummed “Here Comes Santa Claus” as he stepped over the smoldering remains of five burned bodies.

Now that is an interesting beginning. 🙂

Friday 56

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda @ Freda’s Voice. It’s like Tuesday  Teaser but  you have a specific place in your read that you have to turn in your read (page 56 or 56%) to get your teaser.

“Really, Allie? You’ve come all this way to have a chat with me?”

Allie met Lydia’s incredulous stare with warm, pleading eyes. “Would that be so difficult to believe? A pleasant converstation about simple matters sounds very appealing to me. My work takes me to so many places. It doesn’t allow much time for friendships.”

“I can imagine. International crime doesn’t allow you to stay in one place very long, does it?” Lydia almost regretted the cruelty in her tone.

Not sure what Allie is up too but I sure am curious.

book blogger hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  Each week we are asked a question to answer so it reminds me a bit of FF and so I thought it made a good fit to my other Friday Memes.

Which character in a book do you most likely see yourself? If none, who would you think would be your bff in real life?

Any time there is a book worm in a book I can relate with them. I always felt a kindred spirit with Jo from Little Women.

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23 responses to “Friday Meme’s: Fixed In Fear

    • Stormi

      It has been pretty interesting, it’s about a female assassin called the Fixer and her interesting relationship with Mort the cop and how she struggles to not be the Fixer but at the same time she likes it. Mort needs her help from time to time and chooses to believe she has quit being an assassin…lol. It’s been pretty interesting. 🙂

  1. I am rather suspicious of Allie, too!… Even though I’m female, I always felt less than impressive compared to my older brother, so I related very strongly to Ron Weasley and still take all those criticisms of him and Hermione as a couple quite personally!

  2. I don’t know if you have a Baskin Robbins, but if you do, and you are a chocolate girl, check out my fave; Jamocha Almond Fudge… OMG To die for!
    I like both snippets but holy heck to that beginning!!! Awesomesauce!
    Happy weekend!

    • Stormi

      We just got one in a few towns over from us and they have amazing chocolate things…lol. I will have to try that one. 🙂

  3. Aw! I love your answer for the Book Blogger Hop question this week. I use to feel like a kindred spirit with Jo when I was a teenager. That’s a really great choice.

    My Book Blogger Hop

    As for the Feature and #FF, I’m not much of a fan of chocolate the older I get. Or sweets in general. But the Chocolate Brownie Fudge sounds really delicious.

    My Feature and #FF

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

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