Book Review: Her Unexpected Roommate by Laura Ann

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Book Review: Her Unexpected Roommate by Laura Ann

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Her Unexpected Roommate by Laura Ann
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Angel Music on February 1, 2021
Pages: 240
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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First in the Bulbs, Blossoms and Bouquets contemporary romance series and revolving around the town of Seaside Bay, Oregon. The couple focus is on Genni Winters and Cooper James.

My Take

I gotta give Ann props for something different. I really felt Genni’s anger and frustration. I wanted to reach in and grab Cooper by the neck and throw him down the stairs. What is his issue that he comes out and states that he owns the house? He only owns half!! Jerk.

Then I’d like to do the same to Grandma Maggie. A coldhearted woman who drummed not needing or relying on anyone but herself onto her granddaughter. It was sweet that Grandma eventually came to her senses, but way too late.

Then I want to smack both Genni and Cooper for their lousy attitudes. Oy. Now, why would Cooper think Genni would welcome him? Is he that daft?

I’m thinking the theme is of gaining understanding that going it alone is, well, lonely and sad. If either of them had ever shut up long enough and listened, it would have been much easier for them. Okay, okay, easier for them, but not as exciting for the reader, lol.

Ann did a great job of stringing us along as to what Cooper had done that was so bad. Dressing him up as a biker really helped with that “disguise”. She also pulled me in with all the memories Genni has of the place, using third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Genni’s and Cooper’s perspectives.

Just like Genni, Cooper has his own family issues, especially that indifferent set of parents he had. Rich people who showered him with money and nannies, but not much attention. I do wonder how many evils could be solved if parents simply gave their children attention . . .

I do like that the series is named for the group of friends Genni is a part of: Bulbs, Blossoms and Bouquets. I can see why Genni sees it as a source of emotional support. Heck, the whole town is a support!

Ann is setting us up for future stories in the series.

LOL, I love Grandma Nan: “We’re old,” she scolded. “Not dead.”

I am curious as to those “meager savings” of Genni’s. From the sound of the house, it needs a LOT of work. And why hasn’t Genni been fixing the place up before Grandma died? Did she never tell Grandma of her plans? For that matter, why did Grandma leave this “little” complication out of the conversation? And what was with her filing system?? Genni’s got some warped thinking when it comes to Cooper and loans. Oy! And then Genni doesn’t get it when Cooper makes his final decisions. Well DUHHH. Thank god for that smarter inner voice of hers!

As for the back taxes. Um, wouldn’t the government have records for property taxes?? Why do Genni and Cooper go through all this brouhaha when a phone call should settle this?

It does take awhile for the selfish Genni and Cooper to understand the other’s position. Phew.

Her Unexpected Roommate is primarily character-driven with their actions reflecting their experiences. I did find the story slow only because I was so fed up with their childish behavior. Thank god for the town! They jump in to help as soon as they understand the problem.

Awww, Cooper is so sweet in his summation of Genni’s character.

The Story

It’s a shock for Genni when she learns that the house she grew up in is only half hers. Genni is the only family Maggie had, so who else could possibly be in the running?

The Characters

Genevieve “Genni” Winters has had an unloved life, putting everyone ahead of her. Esther had been Genni’s mother. Maggie Winters, grandma, had been a widow who had suffered many losses before dying of lymphatic cancer. The beach-based Boardwalk Manor had been Genni’s home and is still her dream.

Cooper James is Verl’s grandson. Verl James had been a wealthy friend of Grandma’s who helped her out of a tight spot. Nova is Cooper’s beloved bike.

Seaside Bay, Oregon
Rosalinda “Rose” owns The Hidden Daffodil, a flower shop. The sweet Lilly is her deaf daughter. The sassy Caroline “Caro” makes the best candy! Charlize “Charli” Mendez is Felix’s tomboyish sister, a jill-of-all-trades. I’ve no idea why Charli’s last name is shortened. The perky Melody, Bennett’s sister, owns a smoothie shop. And she’s making me hungry!

Felix Mendoza is the captain of the SunCatcher, a fishing boat. Hermit is the dog Felix found on the beach. Bennett is the mailman and quite the artist; Marcia is his and Melody’s crazy mother. Captain Ken Wamsley is with the police, as is Officer Windsor. Jensen.

Frank runs a garage and could use some help. His dog has had puppies. Smalls, a.k.a. Butterscotch, Scottie, is a more inquisitive one of the pups. Brooklyn runs a girly boutique. Mr Filchor is Maggie Winters’ lawyer who reads the will. Filchor knows Herb. Mrs Munchkin is Filchor’s snotty secretary. Grandma Nan runs a motel. The Clam Pot has the best seafood. The Seafood Galley and Denny’s are chain restaurants.

Hudson Baumgartner is a lawyer with The Tax Mitigation Company. The FBI has been hunting for Tony Wesel for some time.

Ms Mendoza reads Verl James’ will. Miguel is the head mechanic who helped Cooper out. Ciana/Cianna Fowers had plans. Blackman, Inc. Carl is a lawyer back East?? Gloria is the receptionist at Binger, Binger and Stern. Gene Stern was the Jameses’ lawyer back East. Agent Starling is with the FBI.

The Cover and Title

The cover is so sweet with its “valance” of purple and pink flowers at the top of a hazy white window, its sill crowded with white bottles and a green plant in a crock. The foreground continues the white theme with a worn wood table top. In the center is a sharp vignette of yellow and mauve tulips and pink hyacinths in a square glass vase. In front of it is a glass bowl of cereal, in front of which is a small plate of croissants with half an orange to the right of it. Slightly behind is a glass of orange juice and a white cup of coffee. Just under the floral valance is the series info in deep green with the title immediately below it in the same green. The author’s name is beneath the tabletop, at the bottom, also in green.

The title is all too true, as Cooper is Her Unexpected Roommate.

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