Audiobook review of One Potion In the Grave

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Audiobook review of One Potion In the Grave

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

One Potion in the Grave by Heather Blake, Carla Mercer-Meyer
Length: 9 hours and 42 minutes
Published by Tantor Audio on March 17th 2015
Pages: 336
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer
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Carly Bell Hartwell's love potions are always in demand in Hitching Post, Alabama, the wedding capital of the South.

When Katie Sue Perrywinkle walks into the Little Shop of Potions, Carly is surprised and delighted to see her old childhood friend. Katie Sue fled her hometown and a troubled family over a decade ago. But she's not back for a social visit; she's come to settle a score with Senator Warren Calhoun, who is in town for his son's high-profile wedding. But before Katie Sue has a chance to voice any objections, she's forced to forever hold her peace. After finding her friend dead, Carly vows to find her murderer. Were the corrupt Calhouns willing to go to any lengths to avoid a scandal? Did Katie Sue's family take the term "bad blood" to a whole new level? And why did the bride-to-be come to Carly for a love potion? As Carly gets closer to the truth, a killer is planning a very chilly reception . . .

Also by this author: A Potion to Die For, Ghost of a Potion

This is the second book in this series and I have to say that it was a lot better than the first one.

What I thought of this book.

I wasn’t sure going into this one how I would like it because the first one was just okay, and well I think this one was a little bit better but still just okay.

Carly Bell Hartwell is the resident potion maker in the town of Hitching Post, Alabama. She has a sort of relationship with a policemen, Dylan.

In this story a long time friend comes back to Hitching Post but it’s not for reunions it’s for revenge. Katie Sue isn’t the same lady that moved away, she is very changed.  She wants to take out some revenge on Senator Warren and shows up when his son’s high profile wedding is happening.

Before she can do what she came to do she is killed. Carly had a bad feeling about something happening and she is upset that she couldn’t protect her friend, so she must find out what happened. There is more than one person who might have wanted to see Katie Sue dead and trying to find out who did it could be deadly.

Carly Bell is a decent character and she really cares about those in Hitching Post. She has a pretty wacky family and a man who must love her to put up with her like he does. They have been engaged twice but never gone through with marriage. I am not sure if I would hang around that long and still want to be with that person. I think she needs to make up her mind about the poor man and either marry him or let him go permanently.

It has  some interesting side characters that are always fun, from her family to just those who live in Hitching Post.

If you like this author then you might like this series, this is my first one by this author so I can’t compare.

The Narrator:

I am not a huge fan of this narrator. I don’t know if that is her real southern accent or if she is just trying to hard but it really grates on my ears. I am starting to think that I might like this series better if I read it and not listened.

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  1. I would be skipping anything this narrator does again if it involves a Southern accent! This was 3 stars and is a lot better than the first-I don’t think I would have read this one then. I am glad you liked it better though!

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