Audiobook review of Ghost of a Potion

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Audiobook review of Ghost of a Potion

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ghost of a Potion by Heather Blake
Length: 9 hours
Genres: Paranormal
Published by NAL on October 6th 2015
Pages: 336
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer

In the latest from the bestselling author of One Potion in the Grave, it’s Halloween in Hitching Post, Alabama, and potion shop owner Carly Bell Hartwell has an especially spooky customer to handle…
With all the ghosts that haunt her at this time of year, Carly doesn’t exactly rush to celebrate Halloween.  Even a costume ball organized by her boyfriend Dylan's mother, Patricia Davis Jackson, holds little allure.  But to please Dylan, who wants peace between the two women, Carly reluctantly agrees to go. 
Gossip around town is that architect Haywood Dodd plans to make a big announcement at the party. But before he can address the crowd, he’s found dead with Patricia standing over him, holding the murder weapon. Anxious to clear Patricia’s name and perhaps broker a truce with her, Carly would love to use her snooping skills to find the real killer. Only she has bigger problems to deal with—ghosts are flocking to her for help, including a very persistent Haywood Dodd…

Also by this author: A Potion to Die For, One Potion in the Grave


What I thought of this book.

This one is probably my favorite one out of this series. Carly is a witch and Halloween is not really her favorite time of the year because she can also see ghost. It’s the one day of the year that if they can get someone like her to help them they can cross over. But doing that usually means finding out what is keeping them on earth.

Carly can’t get along with her boyfriends mother, it’s like she instantly hates her and has done everything to keep them apart. Well, she actually did keep them apart as she was the reason Carly left Dillon at the alter once before, but they are back together and the antics of Dillon’s mother have not let up.

Then Patricia is found over the body of a Haywood Dodd holding the murder weapon but says she didn’t do it. Dillon wants her witchy senses to help him clear his mother, but she wants nothing more than to let her squirm. But she loves Dillon and so she will do what she can to help.

Snooping around about what happens she finds out that there are a few people being blackmailed and she thinks maybe Haywood had something to do with it. Haywoods ghost shows up also asking for help and she has a few other ghost wanting help. It’s going to be one interesting Halloween.

Carly gets herself in a bit of trouble a couple times trying to solve this case. I enjoyed the mystery as it was kind of hard to figure out and didn’t figure out what happened till about the same time as Carly.

Carly is an interesting character, she is a potion witch but has other witchy senses like seeing ghost and being able to feel what others are feeling. She tries really hard not to use that last one but it does come in handy when trying to find a killer. Dillon seems like a sweet guy who happens to have an unbearable mother. Carly’s parents are pretty funny and I feel sorry for her dad…lol. Overall, I like all the characters.

If you like cozy mysteries that have a paranormal element then you will probably like this series.

The Narrator:

I don’t mind the narrator but her southern accent gets on my nerves a bit, but she does a great job with this series.

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3 responses to “Audiobook review of Ghost of a Potion

  1. I’ve read a few of her books under the Heather Webber name and always enjoy them and have been wanting to try this series. I think I’ll still with print as I think the Southern accent would drive me insane. Being from Alabama there’s not much worse than a bad Southern accent!

    • Stormi

      The whole accent thing could be me…lol. Did you listen to the sample? 🙂 Other than that I do believe this one my favorite out of the three.

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