Audiobook review of Ashes of War

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Audiobook review of Ashes of War

I received this book for free from Barclay Publicist in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ashes of War by Lia Davis
Length: 3 hours and 58 minutes
Published by LLC Pages: 115
Format: Audiobook
Source: Barclay Publicist

Narrator: Michael Ferraiuolo
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Ashlynn Blake, minor goddess of the hunt—lethal, beautiful, and able to connect with animals on a psychic level—is the perfect person to place judgment upon an accused dragon. But first she has to prove to the gods that Ty Sullivan is innocent of his crimes. If she fails, she’s doomed to lose her heart along with him forever. Ty’s been beaten, scarred, and betrayed by females. He doesn’t trust them, can’t stand being around them for longer than he or his dragon needs to be. Yet, when he meets Ashlynn, his dragon is ready to mate, but the man believes she’s no different than the others.The Fates have thrown them together, forcing secrets to be told and igniting a passion so fierce it may destroy both of them.

Also by this author: Artemis's Hunt

This is book two in the Sons of War series and it was a decent quick, steamy read.

What I thought of this book.

Ash is the Goddess of the Hunt and she is in charge of bringing Ty in to face the Gods for his part in killing Elizabeth. Ash doesn’t believe that Ty killed her, even if his dragon took over. Ty can’t remember what happened but he thought he done it since he had went a bit insane as the dragon after they tortured him.

Ash has fallen for Ty and she needs to prove that he did not do what they think he done. She think it has to do with his brother, Garrett, who has gone rogue. We first meet Ash in book one and I kind of like her and she is perfect for Ty who is a little hard to handle at times. He still has part of his dragon that is out all the time in his eyes.

Ty is a very broken dragon, he was tortured by the one person he thought he loved. He now doesn’t trust any women, he pretty much avoids them, but there is something about Ash that awakens his dragon. As they try to find out what happened he soon learns to trust Ash.

Ashes of War was a quick listen and as a short read the romances was a little quick, I know it going to be quick and they do already know each other, but it was I just started listening and he is wanting to jump all over her…lol. This won’t bother most people but I do like to mention it.

There is a story within these stories about them trying to stop the evil brother Garrett, so you do need to read these in the order they come out or it could get confusing.

If you like dragons and paranormal romances then I think you will like this series.

The Narrator:

Micheal Ferraiuolo does a really good job narrating these, though I still have a hard time with a male narrator for romances. He has a really nice voice and does the the voices really good though his female voices are a bit off, but that is kind of normal.

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  1. YAY for dragons! There aren’t that many dragon stories out there, so I’m always happy when I see a review for one, Stormi.
    I have felt a little weird with male narration of romances, too, but I’m glad you still enjoyed this.
    Have a terrific Thursday 🙂

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