2015 A-Z Reading Challenge

December 8, 2014 Challenges 3

2015-authorsaz-bannerYes, that is right I have done and signed up for another challenge! I swear this is the last one! (yeah, we will see..lol).  So I thought this one sounded a little interesting and a bit more challenging than I might want but I figured I could at least give it a go.  Hosted by Samantha Lin so go there for the rules.

It’s about reading books A-Z using the authors last name. So I don’t have a list of books made out yet but I am hoping that some of my other challenge reads will fit in here so I don’t have to add to many more..I need to learn to read faster..lol.

Some I already have books picked out for because I know I will be reading them next year.  Well looking there I already got about half them cover..maybe I can do this..lol. 🙂 Ones in RED means I have read them.

Reading List:

A -Andrews, Ilona (Magic Bites)
B -Blackstock, Terri (Truth Stained Lies)
C – Carlson, Amanda (Full-Blooded)
D – Deveraux, Jude (For All Time)
E –Estep, Jennifer (Cold Burn of Magic)
F -Faye, Camilla (Voodoo Butterfly)
G- Graham, Heather (The Betrayed)
H –Helme, Colleen (Carrots)
J- Jeffries, Sabrina (How the Scoundrel Seduces)
K-King, Maggie (Murder at the Book Group)
L – Lopez, Lolita (Dead Sexy Dragon)
M – Maaz, Sarah J. (Throne of Glass)
N -Noble, Kate (The Game and the Governess)
O- O’Connell, Caitlin (Ivory Ghost)
P – Pike, Aprilynne (Sleep No More)
Q- Quinn, Ella (?)
R- Rourke, Stacey (Crane)
S -Sabel, Lauren (Vivian Divine is Dead)
T Thomas, Rob (Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line)
W – Wright, Jennifer Malone (The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter)
Z –Zadoff, Allen (I am the Weapon)


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