2014 Reading Challenges

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I don’t normally do challenges because I usually end up never getting through them and not even trying. This time I seen some challenges that I thought I might be able to try or at least looked fun enough to try. So instead of making a post for each individual challenge I decide to try during 2014, I am going to just list them all here in this on post. I will making a challenge page that will list the books I have read for my challenge later on.

Prequel and Sequel challenge

Hosted by: Novel Heartbeat and Writer Girl Reads

In this challenge you are suppose to read as many prequels and sequels as you can. You get more points if you finish a series during this time though I doubt that will happen for me..lol.  There are different levels but I am going to go with the Newbie and it’s 10-15 points, if I go over that then yea for me. 🙂 I just don’t want to set my goal to high

Phantasmic Reads
Hosted by Fiktshun and Phantasmic Reads
So this challenge is about catching up on the ole review pile. I have a lot! I am going to try and use this challenge as a way to make myself read more of my actual books I have for review and not just the ebooks. Not that I don’t love my print books but I have been spoiled with my kindle..lol.
I am going to go big on this one..lol and try the Master level which is 20-30 but I am sure it will be more than that because most of the books I do read during the year are for review. 🙂




Hosted by: Ariel Avalon
Since most of my review books come from Netgalley these days I figure I might actually be able to do this challenge justice! So I have actually signed up for the Hardcore level.






Debut Author Challenge

Hosted by Story Siren

This challenge is to get you to read authors who are just starting out. Sometimes we are hesitant to try newbie authors, but I like trying them. 🙂 This is for Middle Grade, YA, or NA books.

The goal is to try one new debut author a month so you will at least have tried twelve debut authors for the year. You don’t have to just be limited to 12 but that is the goal.


Book Bingo Challenge

Hosted by Another Novel Read.

Kelly has made a pretty interesting bingo card and has a list of goals that she wants to obtain during 2014. I am going to see how many times I might make a bingo on my card by finishing out the goals listed below. Now I am using her card but I am changing a couple of the slots because I don’t do non-fiction or verse books or prose, so I am adding my own for those spots but other than that I think what she has down could be doable and somethings I need to do. 🙂

The Goals for this Challenge

  • B1: Book I bought but haven’t read yet
  • B2: Book recommended by a friend
  • B3: Book outside my comfort zone
  • B4: Book that teaches me something
  • B5: Finish/reread a series
  • I1: Read a book just for fun and not because it’s for review.
  • I2: Book I got for free
  • I3: Ebook I already own
  • I4: Book I’m excited for
  • I5: Book about food
  • N1: Classic on my TBR list
  • N2: 2013 debut I missed last year
  • N4: Read a horror novel that I keep saying I am going to read but never get around to it.
  • N5: Book I got signed but haven’t read
  • G1: Finish a series ending in 2014
  • G2: Adult book on my TBR list
  • G3: Book by an author I haven’t read before
  • G4: Read a book  said I would review but got put up on shelf and forgotten.
  • G5: Finish a series that ended before 2014
  • O1: Standalone book on my TBR list
  • O2: Indie book
  • O3: Book I started years ago and forgot about
  • O4: Visual novel
  • O5: Chunkster

historical challenge

Okay so I like to read mostly historical but I do read some contemporary and I couldn’t find a plain romance book challenge so I am going to combine the historical romance  and the contemporary romance challenge together to get what I want. 🙂

Historical romance challenge

Hosted by Hearding Cats and Burning Soup

I am going to go with the level 2 which is 18 historical romances.

2014 Contemporary Romance Reading ChallengeContemporary Romance challenge

Hosted by The Book Nympho

This one doesn’t have levels, but she has set everyone a goal of 10 which is about right for me because I don’t read as many of them.

So if I combine them my goal is to read 28 romances this year.


Horror book challenge

Hosted by Midnyte reader

I love horror but I don’t get to read much but I do want to try and get some in this year, especially around October! So I am going to go with the low of 1-5 (Running Scared)



Okay so wow, I said I don’t hardly ever sign up for challenges and I think I have signed up for more than I know what to do with..lol. Oh well it’s all in fun right. 🙂




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  1. I used to sign up for more than I could handle as well. That’s why I’m limiting myself this year. Thanks for signing up for the Horror Reading Challenge. I hope you have fun.

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