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Romantic Tuesday

Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus

Staring: Steve Guttenburg, Chrystal Bernard, Dominic Scott Kay
Since it is Christmas time and I love watching Christmas movies I thought I would throw in one of my favorite Christmas time shows. Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus is about Nick the son of Santa Claus who finds out that he needs to get married so that he can take over the family business. He wants to find that special someone on his own so he sets out to find her and lands in the middle of a commercial. Beth thinks he would be perfect to be the spokes person for a game that her company is working with and he agrees to do it. Nick thinks he has found Mrs Claus in this lovely ad woman and adores her son, but do they believe in Santa Claus?
I think this movie is a funny heart warming holiday romance that is a must see for anyone who loves Christmas time movies. I have loved Steve Guttenburg since Police Academy and he is still adorable in this lovable movie about Santa’s son Nick..ho ho ho. A great movie that everyone can enjoy.

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  1. Pamela J

    I’ve never heard of this one and I thought I knew all the popular Christmas movies. Will be sure to look this one up.
    Pam W

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