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Also on the Third Day of Christmas…

I also have for today Megan DiMaria who is giving us a little bit of her Christmas sentiment. She will be giving away a copy of each of her books, Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands. Please leave a comment and your email address in enter. Also please let me know which book you would like to have.

For as long as I can remember, my mother placed a reproduction antique postcard on the table next to her nativity set each Christmas season. A few years before Mom passed away, she gave me the nativity set, and in the box was that postcard. It contains a sentiment written by Phillips Brooks, a man known as the greatest American preacher of the 19th century and writer of the Christmas hymn, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Each year when I read the postcard, a thrill of joy bubbles up from my heart. At this beautiful time of year, I wish you a similar thrill of joy. . .

“Lift up your eyes to the great meaning of the day, and dare to think of your humanity as something so divinely precious that it is worthy of being made an offering to God.

Count it as a privilege to make that offering as complete as possible, keeping nothing back; and then go out to the pleasures and duties of your life, having been truly born anew into His divinity, as he was born into our humanity on Christmas Day.”

Since I was a very young woman, I have given myself, heart and soul, to my Lord. I offer each of my days to Him. And in a most humble way, I think of my writing as something so divinely precious that it is worthy of being made an offering to God as well.

I hope you ponder this beautiful sentiment, and I pray that it draws you closer to the heart of God during this precious Christmas season.


Megan DiMaria loves to be an encouragement to women as they live out their faith in today’s busy world. Her upbeat personality and deep appreciation for the humor in ordinary moments creates a bond with other women as they laugh and learn that life is an adventure, one not for the weak of heart.
Searching for Spice, Megan’s debut novel, released in April 2008, and her second novel, Out of Her Hands, will is also available from Tyndale House Publishers as of October 2008.

Megan and her husband currently live in suburban Denver near their three adult children. They often travel back to their roots in Long Island, NY to visit family and get their fill of delicious Italian food.


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  1. bigguysmama

    I’d love to win Searching for Spice. I’ve read her 2nd book, but no the 1st one. 🙂

    Thanks so much.

    Mimi B

    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

  2. Jo

    I would be thrilled to win “Out of Her Hands”. Please enter me in the drawing.


  3. Becky C.

    I would love to win a copy of “Searching For Spice.”

    Please enter me in the contest.

    Thank you,

    Becky C.


  4. Kristi

    Hello – After reading about her books on her website, I think that I would like Searching for Spice – my kids aren’t quite at the adult stage yet (but I know it is soon) so I think that I would prefer the second book in a few years!


  5. Sara

    I’ve never read either but I’ve heard of Searching for Spice before . . please sign me up !


    artist4christ – @- cyberhaus -.- us

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